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Postby Wb_draws » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:32 pm

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Subject title: Composition and colors


My friends asked me to paint some birds for their wedding. I have never painted any birds, so this will be an interesting challenge for me. I played a little bit with composition and colors, and ended up with something like this:


The basic idea is that two birds are flying around a branch with those red thingies and there is some strong sunlight coming through trees which gives this kind of angelic glow. I know that it is a little cliche, but I am not really that experienced neither with painting nor concepting, so I wanted to keep it relatively simple.

Any advice on composition or color choices would be appreciated. Right now I am wondering whether to increase the width of the canvas and maybe move birds more to the sides to have more space between them. I also think about playing more with shapes of this bright light. As the light is coming through the trees I figured that it does not need to be very uniform, and I can have some more interesting shapes (for example on the branch below the birds).

I did not really rendered it that much yet, so a lot of stuff is missing. I think that the biggest challenge for me will be rendering wings with this bright light. As they are basically flat surfaces, they should be lighten more or less uniformly, but then I am afraid that they will end up looking not very appealing. I tried painting them, but they ended up looking very metalic. Any advice on that would also be great :)

I am not sure whether this is a good section for what I am asking, as there is not much to critique yet (this is more or less a thumbnail), but I hope that it is fine :)



Postby svarn » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:50 am

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I'd recommend doing research on birds if you have no experience with them.
Spending 1-2 hours of studying their anatomy can do wonders for your image (especially when it comes to wings and how they work). Also pick a specific species of the birds and reference them, it'll look much more professional then trying to guess what an avarage bird looks like from memory.
I don't know much about birds myself, but as far as I know there are few species that actually can hover around a branch, most birds "glide" throught air.

In terms of composition I'd recommend doing thumbnails like these:
They are much quicker to do, and they allow you to explore the shapes and values much easier.

Hope that this helps, best wishes to the couple.


Postby Wb_draws » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:52 pm

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Thanks for the comment :) yeah I am using some references, although for now I was mainly using them for poses, rather than rendering. Your comment actually made me look closer at my reference of the hovering bird and it occured that it wasnt a photo, but some paper sculpture :lol: I havent noticed as I was using it in a very small scale. Fortunately it seems that birds can take this pose when they are landing, so maybe it will be fine. I need to look more into that.

As for your thumbnails - they look great! I kind of tried doing something like this, but I felt very limited by the bird poses from the references, as I wasnt confident enough to make up my own. I wish that the couple would asked me for a painting of a naked girl, I feel much better about them ;) I will try to play some more with this

Thanks for help!

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