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Postby Walsa » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:42 pm

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Subject title: A Horse Frightened by a Lion

Somebody may have recognized the title. Yes. That is a famous painting by George Stubbs. For school I had to do my own version (or straight copy but I decided to do version of my own) of it and I tried to do something completely different. Usually I try to keep it pretty realistic and angles really boring (usually on eyelevel). This time I decided to go with pretty bold lines, weird angle and exaggerated bodyparts trying to mimic the horse on Stubbs' painting with it's long neck. I would mostly like critique on the horse because the lion and backgroud are so messed up because I underestimated how long the horse would take. Still all critique is more than welcome! <3

// I forgot to mention that I made everything else on the horse without reference but that furthest leg. That I had huge problems with



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