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Postby Machine » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:48 pm

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Subject title: Watercolor Critique

I started making small watercolor paintings a little bit ago. I don't really think this needs much context, I have limited work with watercolor and would like to know what I'm doing wrong, and right for that matter.
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Postby CaptainKiryu » Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:51 am

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It's sort of hard to describe painting techniques so I would suggest looking up watercolor-process videos online so you can get a good idea of how people layer and add contrast and whatnot. I noticed that your colors are pretty muddy which is pretty typical when people start with watercolor paints. The less you have to go over what you've already put down---the better.
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Postby Audiazif » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:50 am

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The biggest thing I can see is you need to leave the white of the paper in the areas that are the lightest. Watercolor is reliant on value and contrast. If you get rid of the white of the paper you lose some of the potential value range and contrast. I would recommend studying value and exploring how to leave the white of the paper.

I think the muddy colors could actually be coming form your use of black paint. Black has very limited use in watercolor and some people think it should not be used at all. The issue is it doesn't harmonize well with the colors unless the black you use is somehow made up of the colors you are using. This brings me to the point that you might want to try mixing you own "black" from the colors you have. It wont be black compared to actual black paint but in the context of the painting (with the contrast of the white of the paper) it looks black.

Lastly it kind of looks like you are overworking your washes. This is kind of adding to what CaptainKiryu was getting at in their post. To get the "watercolory" feel to things you kind of have to let the paint do its thing. I second suggestion that you look at videos and other resources on watercolor. Also do a lot of experimentation and studies. There are many things that can be learned form watching videos but physically painting will teach you just as much if not more.

To make this crit not so negative, I think the pink, violet, and blue work nice together. I also think the drawing is well done, I don't really have anything to say besides things that are more along the lines of personal taste.
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