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Postby JoBirdie » Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:14 pm

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Subject title: Help I'am lost I feel like im close to pushing foward.

Picked the perspective then I did some sketching, into armor perspective after slugging through the armor sketch (shouldev done some armor practice) finally got into face rendering then i slowly went down because I like to evenly render my pieces and then IT happened... hit a wall for the life of me I couldnt wrap my head around the transition between breast and pex like i understood how it transitioned but with breast being pushed by the breastplate, perspective, lighting, skin tone. I slammed my brain into it for the past 3 days and still couldnt figure out what to do. Havent drawn anything for the past week because this.
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Postby Alluffer » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:48 am

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It's really good that you have started to notice some problems in your work, it indicates that you are growing your skills! Your painting is still in the early stages so it's good that you have stopped and thought about these problems you're having.

And because the painting is in it's early stages there is no point in rendering the face yet. You have just blocked the base for the character, some core shadows (that I'll be pointing out later) so there is no point to start finishing the painting, especially if you are not fully pleased with the picture. It's important to learn how to start a picture, to be patient and only move forward when you are truly satisfied with the result.

Your skin tones are too red. Realistic skin tones are more towards the yellows and greens. Here is a more in depth tutorial from Istebrak on how to paint skin->
And a little note about the hair color; please don't use pure white. It's really hard on the eyes and painting it will be a struggle. Start with a more grayish tone and that way you can work with highlighting more easily.

Also the core shadows you've laid down are not responding to the same light source and some parts that should be lightened are not and vise versa. Think about the forms you are creating, see the figure as a 3D object and think how the light would lay on for example on the breasts and arms. Here is a video from Sycra that explains this thoroughly->

And as for the armor: pic up a reference of woman wearing a bra! Now in your painting the armor is not providing enough support, it isn't really wrapped around the figure. The armor needs to be more tight for it to stay on her.

Here is just a super quick paint over (not sure if it's helpful, but so that you kinda see the difference)


There is also some overall anatomical problems and to that I would suggest to just keep drawing! Don't get discouraged if one of your drawings isn't working out. Get on with the next one, practice practice practice!! Try more simple studies of the human form, quick sketches, live drawing; the possibilities are endless!

Hopefully this was helpful! :)

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