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Postby LordNoctaeum » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:26 pm

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Subject title: Really need some advice.

Hey everyone, I've been trying to improve my artistic abilities for 3 years now with very little success. I know that the main issue is that i simply haven't drawn enough, I have an anxiety disorder and have trouble committing to things, whenever I start studying i get really scared that what I'm drawing wont lead to any improvement and I'll be stuck at square one, I desperately want to draw but my anxiety paralyzes me. Recently I've decided to get help for it largely so that i can give getting better at art a real try. What is your advice as to what a new artist should be filling a sketchbook with? And what did you fill sketchbooks with when you started drawing?


Postby wheattoast86 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:29 pm

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I'm quite new to drawing, but here are some of the things I fill my sketchbook with.
1. Still Life/ Life Drawings
In many tutorials, I hear many people advise that drawing from life is really beneficial. So I just sit down and set something up a scene with what I have (ex. pens stacked on top of post-it notes) and also observe it (asking questions like-where is the light coming from?). You can also this chance to practice value.
2. Time/Productivity Management
I keep a whole page devoted to what I should do. I make a "tomorrow action plan", listing tasks I need to do tomorrow and an accountability chart to track what I have accomplished during certain times. I also write down my main goal in art then deconstruct it, finding out what skills I should learn first (besides the fundamentals and principles of art), then gather at least 3-5 sources on that subject. After that, I make a schedule based on what I want to learn by the deadline (about a week) and by 90 minute sessions with 15-20 minute breaks. For me, on the weekends, I require myself to have one 90 minute study session, and two on weekdays. As time passes, you can increase your amount of sessions. Here are some other schedules: http://artfus.blogspot.com/2012/06/deve ... r-art.html
I also use S.M.A.R.T on my yearly, monthly, and weekly goals.
3. Notes
As I watch videos on certain topics, I take notes.
4. Figure Drawings
Links to some sites to help you practice can be found in sycra.net resources.
5. Iterative Practices
6. Doodles
Don't stress and just draw what's on your mind!
7. Ideas
If you're just simply not in the mood for drawing, just write down ideas that might be useful for another project, or whatever comes to your mind that you would like to draw.

I hope this helps. :D


Postby Audiazif » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:30 am

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LordNoctaeum wrote:What is your advice as to what a new artist should be filling a sketchbook with?

I would just fill it with anything you can. There is no set thing a sketchbook should be filled with. You have no obligations to show what you do in your sketchbooks so you don't have to worry whether things are presentable. A sketchbook could be for practicing, putting down ideas, drawing for fun, and trying new and different things.
LordNoctaeum wrote:And what did you fill sketchbooks with when you started drawing?

I have never actually filled a sketchbook unless you count the dozens of drawing pads I used in figure drawing. I usually use a sketchbook for thumbnailing or trying out a new technique or medium.
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