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Postby Rogi29 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:46 pm

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Subject title: Please Critique My work (art wise/design wise)

I would love if you could critique some of my work.
Some of it from pure imagination, some of it from reference, and one is purely from one picture I studied.
I don't know how to attach files here, doesn't seem to work
So I posted DeviantArt links: ... -700173506 ... -702705379 ... -700174807


Postby Mandilor » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:09 am

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For showing art on the forums I upload to imgur and then link the image using the forum image link which will show the image on the page instead of the link.

As for the art it looks like you suffer from the common plague commonly known as muddy colors. It's where you have a brush with less then 100% opacity and then you stroke several times in an area but not blending them well together. This gives you a choppy, muddy look to things. You have a couple pieces where this is barely noticeable, like the two face one. But the anatomy one has it in spades. You want to learn how to paint gradients so they have a smooth transition. Not necessarily a seamless transition but One that doesn't have colors and values in areas they don't belong. You also want to keep you shape edges clean not choppy. It's a pretty tricky thing to figure out, I had a hard time of it for the longest time, still do. A good exercise would doing something like rendering a sphere with a hard brush.

Don't know what else to help you with as overall there isn't much there as a whole. Was there something in particular you wanted help on?

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