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Postby magicalunarstar » Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:06 am

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Subject title: Please rate my art and tell me what I need to improve

Hello soo this is my first post here and i would love to get nice critics to improve my art with a rating from 0 to 10 c:, you can access the picture by clicking on it cause it was too big for the forum and i couldnt resize it
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Postby Alpacamood » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:05 am

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hey! first of all i wanna say that asking for a rating is probably not what you want for your improvement, it's pretty much asking "am i a good artist or am i not," instead of asking "what should i be doing to get better." basically that's a self destructive way of expressing your need for feedback. i think you have some good ideas in this drawing, it's a cute pose and you've got some decent colors. the biggest issue is the construction, it seems like you need to work on basic form and anatomy mostly. to get specific, the stomach doesn't really look like it really connects the hips and the upper torso too well. proko and sycra both have some pretty good videos on this kind of stuff! the neck/ shoulder area is also kinda off. the pleated skirt also looks weird, they're usually more stiff, they would break instead of bend, as in angles instead of curves in the folds. the creases in the armpit area don't really anatomically make sense either. for the top, the shirt is cute, i think, if you drew it as if it were covering the form, it'd be a cute design. also to add on, the cleavage would look better as just a shadow shape, shirts don't usually wrap around breasts like that unless it were heavy enough to tuck into the cleavage (an example would be like wet t shirts). the head is also a little too big, the flow of the hair doesn't really make sense in the details, but i do like the general hair shape. alright, finally i think the hands need some work, but that just comes with practice. also leaving out the feet doesn't look deliberate it looks like you weren't able to draw them the way you wanted so you left them out. to conclude this, you've made a cute drawing but i'm sure you can make it even better, keep up the good work and keep practicing! ive included some draw-overs to demonstrate what i'm trying to explain for ya!
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