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Postby TheMiziko » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:56 am

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Subject title: Continuing/refining thumbnails | how to use thumbnails ?

Hey guys ! So, my issue is that even after doing 20 thumbnails, and ending up with 2 that I would like to refine I'm just kid of stuck.
I don't know how to continue/refine thumbnails made in sketch, value or color.

How do you guys approach it ? do you treat thumbnails like underpaining, or initial construction, and you have specific process for refining them and making ot finished character design/ilustration
or do they server more of a purpose of idea, and you essentially use them only to later on start the whole character/illustration over, and you don't use the initial thumbnail at all ?


Postby perkexpert » Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:03 pm

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Well, at least in my process i use those thumbnails as a base for the painting. I try to solve the main problems already in the small scale so i won't get caught fixing them after 10 hours of rendering. So i just enlarge it and then start to refine it in several passes, working mostly all over the place "where it looks ugly". I look for clear edges, gradients and general value structure. You might have the problem, that your thumbnails are just not refined enough, this not meaning rendered out but "thought out". After the thumbnail phase you should have a rather clear idea of the end result already. Maybe you show us some of your thumbnails?

Heres an example of some lighting thumbnails i did, same scene, different lighting, then refining it a bit. I think the thumbnails already contain a lot of information about the whole setup, the structure, the main planes etc.
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