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Postby Whoever1 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:29 pm

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Subject title: Posing woes

So, this one's two weeks old, but better late than never. This one's almost entirely from imagination (used reference for a bit of the boots and that's it). I had trouble with the left arm and couldn't figure out the issue, but it feels.. lazy? I wanted it to feel tense, like she's reaching or something but it doesn't come off that way, anyway. I'm not too happy with the piece, but for a first i'd say it's okay, so any tips and critique is very welcome.
The only thing i really liked is the face, and overall the head. Also the robot.


Postby Spider » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:25 am

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I really like the character. Especially her robot friend. But I think it reads off as a little stiff yeah. I think the way its reading off to the viewer is a major problem, as well as a view issues with the way the clothes are moving and the way you shaded the drawing. I redrew the character to show you how to apply more dynamic features. I think you could have done more to show an action pose, like in my version I hunched the shoulders more, made the ponytail fly around her head if that makes sense, made the scarf fly in a more exaggerated way, and tried to apply more foreshortening with the legs (I think I fudged it up though). And I put the robot a little closer to her, it seems like a small change but I think the way you placed them made them too distant, kind of like they're separate, maybe putting the robot a little closer established a subtle relationship.
Theres a few other problems, like the way you made the cloth move, for example the scarf is too ribbony, I'd think it'd be twisting around. There's definitely area for improvement with the coloring and shading, so just keep practicing.
I do really like the characters, and they seem like an interesting bunch, best of luck.

ps i didn't realize till i was uploading the image that it was flipped compared to the original, i think the advice still holds though.


Postby Whoever1 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:25 am

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Some day.. i'll get as good as that. In the meantime i'll keep at it. I thought of implemmenting some sort of foreshortening but that's kinda hard for me at the moment and i kinda felt the scarf very out of place, but this had a deadline and it was approaching fast so i kinda just.. did it. As for the coloring yeah, no defense there i suck at it, this is my.. third? maybe fifth time coloring and shading so, it's to be expected. Overall, very nice improvements you have there, i'll keep things in mind for my next piece. Thanks! :D

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