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Postby stephan68 » Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:22 pm

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Subject title: Looking for a Mentor / Trainer for digital portrait drawing

Ahoi and greeting from germany,

to make a long story short, I ´m looking for a private trainer / tutor how is very good
at portrait drawing (digital drawing), because this is the topic, I like to put my main focus on.
I like the semi realistics style of Ilya Kuvshinov, Tsuaii, Guweiz and many more - NOT the hyper
realistic "Photo copying" style - I like portraits with their own handwriting, maye with a little.

I use Photoshop CSS with an Intuos 4.

As I told you before, I will put my main focus on digital portrait drawing.
I would like to learn it in step by step lessons with targets and also with
homeworks. I usually have 3-5 hours on a day time for my drawing.

In the past I start drawing with the eyes, the knows, the mouth ect. but without
any concept and often I stock in reason I don´t know how to going on, or which
is the best way to begin. (Actuall I allways try to draw a face from the front and
from the side view. For these views, I learned the basic propotions and try to work with the Loomis book).

Payment (paypal) for the teaching is okay for me and I have given me a budget of 250-300 EUR
a month. We have discuss this in PM.
As I live in Germany, it would be good, if I found a teacher in Europe, in reason of the time difference,
otherwise we both have to talk about the possible time periot. We could do it via skype, but an instruction
/ correction via EMail would also okay for me. In the past I try to learn a lot from watching videos, but
I often jump from one topic to the next without seeing a guideline which helps me
to get forward in the right direction.

You could look at my little DA and I can send you other samples if needed. Also if you have any rather questions,
just let me know.

Meanwhile, I wish you als a rockin good start in the upcoming year 2016.

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Postby Alphawolfin » Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:51 pm

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Ahoi Stephan,

I think i can put ya under my wings because portrait drawing is my very strenght, and I do have a distinguish handwriting (I simply can adapt every style)
my range reach from realsitic to toony to semi realism and caricatures everything a heart desires.
I can provide you step by step stuff tutorials, critique, overpaint and homework. I can´t promise to do live lessons because right now i´m just a hardcore student with little free time so if someone wish to see me draw i usually meet up forum members in google hangout and screenshare by then. I´d like to communicate with you with through my facebookaccount, because i only have a student e-mail which will not my permanent used medium so i´ll give it up if i got my bachelor. I once did have webmail and sh´+T but i got into a "Abofalle, Scheiß GMX!" which simply dicourage me to use "freemail"...I do not skype either
I use wacom and mypaint on the following example on that piece which shall resemble your examples.


i spend at least two hours on this sketch. I live in germany which is also my native tongue so your language won´t be a problem... so PM me if you are interested.

this is my finding a suitable technique process i do scribble like this

Good slippery into the next year a german would say
3. Semester now specialise on your strenght... but on what if there are so many? I guess it´s illustration for now.

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