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Postby SLOSK » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:11 am

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Subject title: The Perfect Gesture Challenge


Using as much time as you want, create an ideal 30 second gesture, 2 minute gesture, and a gesture using as few lines as possible using the image provided. The gesture should not be more complex than you could hope to be able to do within the time limit.

Sometimes during a session where none of my gestures are turning out and I am starting to get frustrated I take away the timer and do a really slow and deliberate gesture. It helps me to come back to the simplicity of gesture and focus on what I am trying to capture with the gesture and what is unnecessary to capture. What is your take on this exercise? What is the difference between a 30 second gesture and a 2 minute gesture for you?


My attempt:
Spoiler: show

For this pose I felt the relationship between the feet, the feeling of forward momentum, and the action in the torso were the most important to capture. That is what I was focused on in each gesture. I feel like my 30 second pose turned out the best by far. The other ones feel stiff in comparison. There actually isn't too much of a difference between my 30 second and my 2 minute. Generally in my 2 minute gestures I am more concerned with getting the palacement of the crotch, bellybutton, and nipples. I also like to give an indication of hands, feet, and head if it is important. The only think I feel is important to show in this pose is maybe the right hand to make it clear they are holding something. I would have liked to have captured the torso movement better.

As for the smallest number of lines gesture, I probably could have went further and removed some more lines. I'm not sure if the left arm is necessary to communicate the pose. I counted my head as three lines. Maybe just an indication of the face is better than doing the whole head?

I hope to learn something from you all! :)

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