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Postby BrazenSnakeInvalid » Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:41 pm

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Subject title: Is there any lonely soul, "freak" rocker artist?

I woke up this particular morning, feeling very happy. More happy than ever before. After drinking my morning coffee I got this strange feeling inside me that forced me to start listening to Frank Zappa right away. All right then, I opened YouTube and started listening the first video that comes up when writing "Frank Zappa". You know that long compilation video that includes like all the most legendary songs by Zappa. I started reading the Wikipedia article about Zappa's life (done that many times before), and found the story very, VERY interesting. I got inspired by the fact that Zappa was inspired by blues music and blues guitarist, the work of Edgard Varese, Igor Stravinsky and Anton Webern and also rhythm & blues music. I started listening to those to get myself more inspiration, too. Let me tell you something about me.
I am a 19-years-old musician, artist, ADHD person that might have manic depression. I play guitar, drums and sing. I like almost every kind of music (especially rock), if mainstream music isn't counted. Every day is different for me, in an artistic way. I smoke cigarettes regularly. Have tried to quit many times. I had alcoholism at the start of this year - I know, the occupational disease of artists - but have fought against it since April and now I am sober. Have never tried any drug. You know what's really strange? The fact that I can be funny, strange, freaky, insane, lunatic and feel like I'm wasted, intoxicated and stuff, while completely sober. I even eat Antabus nowadays, one pill a day. I have a lot more to tell you if you are interested, but I want to tell this idea of mine to you now:
I did a Tumblr account today. Its purpose is to bring together all the artists who stand out from the masses, love rock music and love to be freak. You can find it here:
As I told you, I have lot more to tell you but answer me if you like to know more about me/this Tumblr account. :) Love you all and if you are completely different than others and just want to do your art not caring what others say, keep on that road! And P.S. You can get wasted and intoxicated also without alcohol or drugs.

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