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Postby Darkuszow » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:29 am

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Subject title: Introduce yourself!!

Grettings, I am Darkuszow.

Here's my story:
Spoiler: show
I have taken more of an interest in art roughly around the end of 2015, although I practically don't draw often which I should.
Before it, in elementary school I've used to have the best grades on the art classes (wow), later in middle school had only history of all of it, nothing practical.
Somewhere in middle school I've got a small interest in drawing while playing LoL, wanted to draw them hot ladies, so drew one thing with mouse and gave up.
So back to the end of 2015 I've got interested in one particular character design, so made my version and made it OC - in written way.
I got so devoted and I wanted to draw it, so drew few things with mouse again, few months later bought tablet blah blah blah and now am here.

I like fantasy themes but also modernistic/innovative looks. I also love artistic nudity, night sky landscapes and particular semi-realistic styles.
I am incredibly hard learner which can be seen through my slow improvement (typical artist talk).
Nice to meet you.


Postby Soraname » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:44 am

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I'm Soraname/Cerespam, I'm from Brazil and have been drawing since forever.

I started drawing manga a long loong time ago (2002) so I think I have a good base but lately I feel like I'm stuck... I can't really like what I have been drawing, most precisely faces... :/ Also I'm not particularly good at digital painting and usually too lazy to draw backgrounds. I enjoy a lot drawing androgynous bodies, legs, feet and hands.

You can check some of my drawings here: (didn't update in a long time tho lol)

I hope we can be friends and learn a lot toghether.
Thanks ;]


Postby SueySuey » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:16 pm

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Hi guys My name is Lorenzo C*****, I'm a "drawer?" LOL.
I'm from "somewhere in Mindanao" Philippines. It's nice to "Meat" you all !!!

I also go by the names AdikComix(old), Enzo, Ensuey and Suey


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