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Postby LK Crown » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:21 am

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  LK Crown
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Subject title: Character Design Ideas for these Characters

The setting is nowadays, not medieval, not future, nowadays.
The characters shall be cool guys, not nerds or anything.
They have a specific profession each and shall indicate that by their clothes or accessories they are wearing or carrying.

Do you have any ideas what appearance/clothing/accessories they could get to convey their type/profession:

-a digital (+traditional) artist
-a programmer, maybe even hacker, but not nerdy
-a martial artist
-a bodybuilder or sports-person
-a merchant (trader?), a person who buys and sells stuff (nowadays that probably would be over the internet?)
-a philosopher
-an intellectual person, who maybe reads many books (,which may not be in paper-version anymore nowadays)

Imagine those persons each walk down the street. And a watcher should be able to tell by the appearance, what he does, without it being unrealistic.

I would appreciate suggestions for any or all of them, and even little sketches, if you would bother.


Postby supremeleaderbobo » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:28 pm

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hmm... i would make a moodboard for each character. it really helps feel out your characters, in my opinion. so for body builder, for example, you could just draw what you would expect a bodybuilder to look like: big buff guy in muscle tee or something, but that's pretty boring. what's more interesting is taking a mood or motif, and trying to combine it with the idea of a bodybuilder, or at least a muscular tank figure.

for example, a common combination with the big muscly guy is the idea of him being really pretty pacifistic and gentle; think klaus, groot, android 16... the list goes on.

but that's kind of been done a million times over and then some.

so take that idea, of the gentle big guy, and develop it further. maybe he's ex-military, so he absolutely hates killing and wants nothing to do with it, but will kill someone if his friends are being hurt. perhaps he is the thinker of the group as well, and thinks about the meaning of life frequently after having seen so many people die on the battle field.

but alas! that is tired as well. basically just beast from x-men kind of sort of.

anyways, once you feel that you know what you want, start making a moodboard based upon that, and that will help with a lot of design aspects. the military example is easy to do in a sense because there is so much military style art already out there, but whatever it is you're trying to channel through your drawings, study it a lot! for example, if you're doing steampunk stuff, take a look at a lot of old watches and clocks and old cars and factories, and so on.

anyways, hope this helped.
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Postby fi_le » Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:35 pm

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Philosophy nerd here, many many ideas come to my mind for their character design.
If you're going for today's philosphy there is the absolutely awesome archetype of an old Slavic Marxist, most prominently represented by a guy called Slavoj Žižek. (There's a fun Vice interview if you aren't into philosophy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XS_Lzo4S8lA)
Give your character a running nose and a cruel sense of humor, bonus points for really bad fashion and a terrible haircut and there you have your 10/10 personality.

This style has a long tradition in philosphy, maybe you've heard of Diogenes. Am not on the computer right now, so I can't sketch...

Have fun with your project, whatever that may be!
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