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Postby lillo9546 » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:30 pm

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Subject title: Intuos vs Cintiqs. Can using one or the other influence my d

I love drawing digitally, but i tried so many display tablets, cintiq pro 24/16, cintiq 16, xp pen 15.6 pro, and lately a huion kamvas pro 16
With all thoose tablets i have headhace, pratically i have dizziness, eyestrain, Pain in the skull temple... The only one that emerge from the others is the Huion Kamvas Pro 16!
With that i can draw more time, but still get this problems!
So i told myself, why do not try an intuos? That thing has no screen and i can save space and money.
So i bought it and I have to admit that drawing experience is far superior vs display tablets.
Dont know why but pressure register differently in a positive way.
The cool fact is that drawing on an intuos while looking at my 25inch monitor, give me zero headhace, but there is the Compromise of not seying our hand...
My question would be, could i draw, like i draw with a pencil, a display tablet, for example a lineart, with my same skill, on an intuos tablet? Is that all eye coordination?
Also i found that while working on the intuos i am more focussed to the composition and the gesture of the drawing!
I have also one problem, where do.i put the reference now that the entire screen is occupied by photoshop?
I accept any of you that could help me with some tricks and please share your experience!


Postby svarn » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:30 pm

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In terms of your issues with display tablets, perhaps it's possible to tweak the settings so the colors are less vibrant. I do that with all my screens, because default settings are usually set to be as flashy as possible to make you happy with your purchase. They'll also make your eyes bleed if you work on them full time. But you know ... the colors are shiny.

I never had an opportunity to try a display tablet, but at this point I don't think I'd like it. I've worked on intuos for around 5 years now and I'm used to looking foward instead of down at my hand. My hand doesn't obstruct the view, and I don't have to hold my arms up for an extended periods of time. I'd say I'm much more comfortable with tablet pen then with a pencil nowadays. However it probably took around 3 years to get to that point. But yes, you can definitely do lineart, eventually.

Regarding keeping your reference:
- you can just have it in a separate window. You don't need photoshop in fullscreen mode, especially on a 25" screen.
- you can drop your refs into a different file in photoshop and have it open as a howering window. This is probably the most hardware taxing way however.
- you can use PureRef app, which I'd highly recommend. But keep in mind that the shortcuts for the app are surprisingly a steep learning curve for what the tools is meant to do.
- lastly you can get a 2nd screen


Postby azarga » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:40 pm

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Using drawing display or drawing tablet is entirely a matter of preference. There are professional artists who use displays, there are professional artists who use tablets, there are professional artists who use both for different tasks.
Cintiq has the reputation of "THE ONLY SOLUTION PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS WOULD USE" mainly due to PR efforts by Wacom.

Not using Cintiq or other drawing monitor does not substract from your skill. Using Cintiq or other drawing monitor does not add to your drawing skill.
If you are more comfortable using separate tablet - use separate tablet. Doesn't even have to be Intuos, since Wacom's competitors from China have been producing competitive alternatives for years now, and Wacom gets some flak for wonky drivers, the problem, chinese tablets no longer seem to have. Newer Huion tablets are great, with absurdly high levels of sensitivity and even the fancy EMR-battery-free pens like Wacom.

lillo9546 wrote:Hi!
where do.i put the reference now that the entire screen is occupied by photoshop?

Separate monitor, or tablet, or a printout.
Please check my stuff here:
My dA, it is pretty bad.


Postby lillo9546 » Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:21 pm

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Thanks all so much for tips and your experience!

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