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Postby hiddenartist2 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:57 pm

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Subject title: Multipose drawing what is that?

I checked what multipose drawing is and i found this.
I want to know more about how to draw this kind of anatomy and not fuck up at perspective, especially if its not just front/side/one quarter view. And it looks like they are really flat, but created an illusion of volume by shading.
Because if you try drawing this way and apply perspective rules and stuff, things just do not work, especially if i dont want my hands to be just 2 lines, but i want to draw muscle bumps.

But this drawings, they connect this chaos somehow. What are the rules to draw this way. And stop drawing 3d shapes.

Also, maybe it has something to do with juxtapose. I want to understand about this drawing method and multipose.

I wanted to understand something, why one eye bigger than another, because its foreshortened? If so it does mean one shoulder should be smaller than other aswell, in this perspective and pose, right? Why breasts are almost same size then. What i mentinoed right leg/knee to the viewer overlap shoulder right where it should be, and proportions somewhat that. Why knee on the left much bigger than the one on the right? Does it correlate with drawing method above? If so, what is that perspective trick? Because drawing normal shapes do not work for this kind of things.

Does it correlate with illusory space drawings somehow? Image

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