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Postby hiddenartist2 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:32 pm

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Subject title: How to replicate this kind of style.

I really want to draw somewhat like this. It seem's like not really 3dmensional
I don't care if this anatomy is wrong, i like this style alot and i want to understand how to draw this way.
This guy fake alot of his anatomy, BUT he makes things look right perspective side, when it comes to how far away form from a viewer and he connects all this forms with flow.

I don't want to draw the way 90% manga artists draw, with all this semi realistic anatomy. I don't want to draw super polished things like sakimi chan.

When i try to draw something like this i start overthinking, I'm thinking to much 3dmensionally or something, i don't know how to explain it.
And when i start shading it takes alot of time and ends up being looking like a 3d model.

I'm not saying im good at anatomy, but i can draw any body part from any perspective from my imagination with all main muscle bumps and it will look somewhat right.

But when it comes to sketching entire image/connecting parts from imagination i fail perspective/overlaps. Again back to my very 3dmensional mindset i getting confused with all this forms. And if i try to do it with care, like starting with simple forms, i loose gesture i loose soul/image becomes stiffen, i dont know how to explain it. And again it ends up looking very differentely from what i want to draw.

I can draw a good gestures and i can draw parts somewhat right, but when it comes to draw forms over a gesture im getting confused alot. Because when i end up with gesuture i might not really know exactcly where forms are facing. But this artist he still connects his body parts with flow and in perspective they look right, even if they doesnt work like it.

Example this fingers, they do not work like it/anatomy wrong, but it looks somewhat right perspective side. If i would draw this hand in this perspective, i would draw this typical hand shape then finger cylinders and all this stuff, like any other "normal" artist would do, OR i would draw i good gesture, but ill be confused when coming to drawing forms over it and by the time i'll try to fix overlaps and all this things, i'll cut away alot of gesture and the hand will end up looking stiffen/same way like many other artists do. BUT this guy just drawn a gesture, then somehow connected all this litle forms together right in perspective, when actually if you look at lineout its just 2d.

He would draw an ankle and rotate it 360 degrees and connect it with flow to a leg still, it won't look anatomically right, but he would do it with flow and perspectively side looking right. Hopefully you can understand what do i mean and maybe someone might help me.
I already asked about iconography there and people suggested learning anatomy like Vilppu/Hampton. I really appreciate it, knowing your anatomy is fine, but it doesn't meet my needs. I want to create gestures and then put overlaps right perspective side. I dont want actuall right/semi realism anatomy. Also i dont know, but when i tried to learn how to draw like this aritst, i started to learn alot of muscle anatomy, now its leading to a habbit overthinking to much.


Postby Audiazif » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:35 pm

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You are overthinking things and have some strong preconceived notions that are either wrong or born from misinformation.

The short answer to the initial question in the title is to do studies of the person's work. Use your skills to replicate some of the artists work. You need to take a sample of the artist's "language" and decipher it into your "language".

The long and possibly not the answer to the initial question but more for the other questions you are asking is that this artist has way more experience than you. Especially when it comes to this "style" because it is their own. It is also worth mentioning that this artist has be doing things like this since at least 2010 or 2011 (from what I can see) so they have 8-9+ years of doing things like this under their belt. They also probably have a visual library now that they can draw from and whatever that does not cover they can use ref or even wing it because they have done it for so long. The things that you are drawing attention to are things the artist doesn't have to think about anymore. That is why it looks good because they have done it enough for things to be second nature and seem effortless. Also if you look back at the artist earlier work it doesn't have the things that you are praising the artist for so they improved over time.

The fact that you keep mentioning anatomy makes me think you are thinking to much about the details. You need to learn to simplify and then build on top with more and more complex elements (work general to specific). If you can't simplify things it is going to seem like an enigma on how this artist connects things and is able to put together all the little bumps and stuff.
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Postby paputsza » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:45 am

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Spend more time adding details. Stuff like that isn't fast. Like, add and fade muscle groups, maybe even adjust them to see what you think looks real, such and work on the layer and brush effects, like the dodge tool. You can also just ask the artist too, and they may tell you.

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