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Postby Technician » Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:09 pm

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Subject title: A new Cintiq

Hello. My goal is to go Pro. I am thinking about getting a Cintiq, even if that is expensive, I think its an investment that has to be made.
Can anybody share their experience with different Cintiqs? On the Wacom Website there are "Wacom Cintiq Pro" 32, 24, 16, 13 and "Cintiq 22HD (touch)".

I can not really judge the differences. Is the biggest and most expensive one the best one?
Should I go for the Wacom Cintiq Pro 32?
(I will go for a used one, not a new one, but still I have to decide if it has to be the biggest one.)


Postby azarga » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:58 pm

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Just some food for thought.

Judging from your other posts, you're just starting to draw, which leads me to think that you don't need a Cintiq at the moment.

You don't need a Cintiq to produce professional level work. You can go for less overpriced alternatives, since nowadays the market is quite saturated with MUCH more affordable solutions.

Do you have any experience with graphics monitors? Are you completely sure, that a drawing tablet won't be more comfortable for you to work with, rather than a graphics monitor? A significant number of professional artists prefer drawing on a separate tablet while looking on a monitor to drawing on a monitor itself.

If you have no experience whatsoever, you most definitely don't have to go for the Cintiq. Even if you want (for some reason) to have top of the line equipment as your starting materials, you can try Intuos from the same Wacom. Not to mention dozens of high quality alternatives. Days, when Wacom was the only source of professional-grade equipment for digital art are long gone, even their praised EMR technology is no longer unique.

If you're just starting out, not having a Cintiq will be on the very bottom of list of reasons, why your work doesn't quite cut it to be called "professional".
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Postby svarn » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:44 pm

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I don't know if I'd recommend an intuos pro, or any wacom device altogether.
While I haven't tried the alternatives, frankly I can't imagine there beeing a worse piece of overpriced crap.

I've had issues with it ever since I got it. Starting from the surface shredding nibs in a matter of days (which lasted untill I worn out the coating that they add to the surface, so now im sitting on my last nib), into having to disable multiple features of the tablet, because they were bugging out the drivers.
Nowadays after I found a dozen of workarounds to various bugs, it's "useable" at best. During a typical working day I have to unplug it and restart drivers couple of times.

But I definitely agree with Azaraga that you don't really "need" a screen tablet. I see only two benefits to the screen tablets. 1st beeing an easier learning curve at the start. And the second one is that you won't question whether you're just bad or if it's the tablet's fault...
I wanted to get one for years because I was frustrated with various issues in my artwork, but nowadays I think I actually prefer not having a hand covering the screen as I paint on it. So I don't think I'll be getting one at any point.


Postby perkexpert » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:21 pm

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Just a few thoughts too:
- i agree with azarga regarding the investment upfront might be not wise
- those Cintiqs are really expensive, even smaller ones - you might think of putting this money where it helps you more - like buying some pro education - two schoolism courses e.g. or similar - if you really push it, you will profit a lot more that any tech will ever do. If you got the money - you might
just do both ;)
- consider buying a wacom enabled laptop or Ntrig (Surface line e.g.), 15inch - there are plenty around and you get a whole computer for the same price - even a portable one - you can go bigger in the future, so you practice how it's like and even go outside and paint/draw
- i use a wacom Intuos A5 wide (not produced anymore) and it still works fantasticly - i somehow prefer it to working on my Laptop (Yoga 720 15inch) as there is a keyboard readily available and just more comfortable working on.
- Marco Bucci still draws on the same thing ALTHOUGH he bought the most expensive Cintiq - but he doesnt like it as it gets too hot - now he uses it as a monitor ;)
- drawing digitally is just a tool, the whole Basics/Fundamentals can be learned with just some copying paper and some pencils
- get away from the computer and go out there with your watercolors, markers, brushes and capture some real life.
- it's always the same: Hardware before hard work, applies for cycling forums where there are a lot more posts about equipment than training ;)

so good luck with your decision!
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