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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:46 pm
by bertoni-Lee
Hello, i´m new to this forum so before anything i´d like to present myself.

My name is Bernard SKA Bertoni Lee i´ve been a casual artist for years and am now starting to step in to making a living on it. I´m specially interested in doing concept art and character/creature design.

Here is my question.

i´m thinkig on buying a HUIEON tablet but cant decide, the majority of them are around £400 on Amazon and they al seem very similar to me, i cant decide.

I mainly between the Kamvas GT-220 V2 and the Kamvas GT-191 V2.

Does any one know the brand? could you recomend me a model? even if its not any of those 2?

Thank you all in advance.



PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:55 pm
by azarga
I've been using GT-191 (V1) for half a year and had no problems with it, be it on hardware or software side.
Only inconveniences you'll have with it is to occasionally recalibrate work surface (takes 20 seconds) and trick nvidia drivers to work properly (otherwise it won't have full contrast) with the display upon every system restart (takes another 10 seconds). Oh, it also is quite glossy, so depending on your lighting conditions you may have some intense reflections. And cable placement is weird - facing down towards the table.

Other than that it is good: solid build, good adjustable stand, good color range, contrast, excellent pressure sensitivity and accuracy across whole surface. Parallax is minimal and - if preferable - removable with calibration or resetting calibration settings.

You won't get 100% NTSC with it, but i doubt it is a problem for concept art. Also Wacom fanbois will occasionally make fun of you.