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Postby kuroruri24 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:10 am

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Subject title: Reaching a next level

Hi guys, well lets go to the topic right away is there anyone out there that can help me with this painting style stuff? can somebody break it and list some important things here? i mean i want to reach this level of style in painting and i know myself that i cant do this with just practice and experiment stuff it'll only be a waste. I want to learn the basics/techniques and fundamentals on creating this kind of piece. Anatomy, proportion, perspective, foreshortening, yeah im currently learning all of that and yes im confident with those subjects because but coloring cellshading values grayscale is my problem how do i deal with this things? what do i need to study and to learn in order to reach this new level of painting? Im doing art for fun but at the sametime i want to go competitive and be one of the best i just started recently last year 2017 and im doing this to work for my comission so i can earn my own money. please if anybody here who have knowledge with this level of painting tell me what do i need to know and what should i be doing to achieve this. fact about me Im from philippines 20yrs. old my artist inspirations? Huke, Aoi ogata, KD chen, SAITOM, Eiichiro Oda and btw. this photo belongs to KD chen https://twitter.com/caidychenkd/media
KD chen's artwork


Postby DarkLored123 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:31 pm

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Regardless of painting style in order to paint you need to have well rounded knowledge on how to shade forms, control values, and understand color theory.

I would recommend to simply study his works and try to replicate them by yourself, it might not look good in the first few, but eventually you'll learn what you need to look for. There is no way around it other than practice. Copying helps you learn to tap into the mind of another person and basically understand his approach to things, there is nothing wrong with it, you might even learn how his painting style works by just studying it.


Postby CaptainKiryu » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:08 am

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It's sort of hard to say because I don't even know what your art is like. I agree with DarkLored123, that doing studies of artist's work is a good way to figure out the level of detail you need to make a painting look finished. Doing it while trying to understand why they do certain things is very important though---don't get caught up in mindless copying.

But I really don't agree with your own thoughts that practice and experimenting won't be enough to get you to a level you'd be happy with. It makes it sound like you're looking for the magic answer that will make doing art easy. And that just doesn't exist. I mean, you can find tons of video tutorials online that will talk about learning lighting and shading, and cell shading is just a simplified version of that. But looking at all the tutorials in the world won't help you if you aren't willing to put in the work and just paint.

I also think that you should focus more on what you like doing than trying to be like other artists. You might get into things and realize you just don't enjoy the process of making drawings/paintings that look like theirs. So keep an open mind and try to remember that art is supposed to be good for you and getting wrapped up in very specific goals for the wrong reasons will kill your motivation and love for drawing.
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