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Postby CaptainKiryu » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:26 pm

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Subject title: Anatomy and Exercise

I know that many artists tend to live rather stagnant lives, physically, but I have found that not only is exercise good for your body, it can also help with learning human anatomy. Paying attention to the way your muscles contract and relax in various positions is helpful for understanding how things feel. Sometimes when we draw a pose, there is a tendency to flex every muscle in the picture, but putting in the contrasting points of relaxation will really help with movement and life. I personally like to use exercise videos, and watching the instructor has helped me a lot with the muscles of the arms and torso in particular.

Has anyone else here found being more physically active to help them improve in art?
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Postby Moe » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:42 am

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In theory, exercise should improve your art because it improves your cognition. Also when you exercise, you also end up eating healthy, and since your body is made up of what you eat, better eating should produce better functionality.

When I got back into strength about 4 months ago, I would say in the beginning it actually made art more difficult. In the past, when I got home from work or college, it was easy to just start drawing at night before falling asleep. But now, after work or college, I went to the gym for 2 hours, not only did it take time away from art but because I was new to it I was very sore, forearm workouts were the worse since I had a hard time using the tablet afterwards. Another thing is that it takes a lot of mental energy, counting calories, trying to eat healthy, consistently forcing yourself to go to the gym even when you're tired or whatever. Willpower isn't infinite, it's finite and there is only so much you can do before you're mentally drained. Another thing is that when you workout you also need extra hours of sleep, you might be able to get away with 6 hours normally but I find that I need an extra 2 hours of sleep after training.

However, once it HAS become a habit, I find that it doesn't take as much mental energy as before. I would say the first month would probably be the toughest but after that you should be good. Regardless of whether it improves your art or not, I truly believe that everybody should make exercise part of their lifestyle. There are just so many benefits to it. It improves your cognitive function because you end up eating healthier and stimulating your brain, you feel more confident about yourself, you're at less risk for certain diseases like heart disease, diabetes. etc.

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