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Postby LK Crown » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:50 pm

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  LK Crown
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Subject title: Does anybody here find clients outside of the Internet?

Is somebody here a `local` Artist, who is known in his city and is able to get clients by that?

I would love to hear some business-tips for becoming known as `the art guy` locally, so that people in your city always contact you, when they need something.
Anybody experience?


Postby Engell79 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:50 am

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Im not... "THAT artist." or known as such by anymeans, but i do get quite a few commisions.

it started with drawing peoples, houses...pets, cars, motorcycles and stuff... rarely for money..

how ever after sometime, i started getting asked to make suff, getting known my Mouth to ear system among peoples...

stuff like this one:

Then pets... like the horse comission i did...its somewere in my sketch book...

I havent made any commercials for my self, other than offer my skills wen ever the chance has been made avalible, and often
not for money in the beginning.

how ever now a days, i get between 3-5 commisions amonth, houses, pets, places, old pictures... stuff like that...
(all paid work.) and i get the occational "make me a tatoo" request.
I also do wall's on childrens rooms, were i draw up spidermans, Vianas, Frost figures..... u get the jist of it... get about 3 of those a year....
And then i get some requests for personal pictures, aka... for songs at a wedding, or likewise.

im pretty sure if i made an add in the local news paper id get alot more offers... but honestly i allready have a job... art for me is for fun,
relaxation and hobbie... and the faint hope that someday ill be skilled enough to make a comic.

I never intended to do commissions, it kinda just happend becource i was drawing stuff for people... and then i started getting asked so much
i thought... hell, i dont care if i aint a "pro" and still a noob artist... i whant money for this stuff... and people keepd comming, though at a lesser rate
wen they had to pay ha ha ha ha....

But yea... i think, a simple add in a local media.. will be more than enough to get u started.people whant/needs drawings for all kinds of stuff.


Postby azarga » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:59 am

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Also depends on what country you live in.
In some countries people would expect you to deliver masterpieces for the price of lunch in McDonald's, while in certain other places people seem to by trash for hundreds of euros.

Either way make sure you are at the level where people will actually want to buy your stuff and not just complement you out of trying to be nice (some people do that).
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Postby Bugpal Hopeday » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:51 am

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azarga wrote:Either way make sure you are at the level where people will actually want to buy your stuff and not just complement you out of trying to be nice (some people do that).

I don't know about other people, but I have no idea when I'll be at a skill level to sell stuff. All I can see is where I need to improve. I'm always in a cycle of 'I guess I could take commissions one day, when I improve on x, y, z and learn how to network/market myself'.

I guess I know that there are people who have been drawing for less long than me, who do make a little money on the side, for fun. I've never made a cent. I feel like to even advertise the service would be egotistical. But I can't unpack why exactly, I don't judge others who do.
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