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Postby Greencoat7 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:12 am

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Subject title: Lines, clean vs rough

Don't think this would be covered by another thread, so here goes. Starting with some context.

So last year, I got an iPad pro for Christmas. I liked this, because it was a step up from traditional media in my eyes. The permanence of the medium meant that it was difficult to correct mistakes, which also kinda made it difficult to push things for fear of going too far and ending up wasting all that time, effort and paper. Also, my old scanner is unreliable and finding a 11x17 scanner that isn't horrifically over-priced is a pain in the ass. Being able to just -do- work without overthinking was great.

I spent time just getting used to the device. A problem arose, however, whenever I came around to the inking part of things.

I've never been particularly fond of inking. Doing it on the screen felt... wrong, for lack of a better term. I tried slowing down and taking my time, but then I got into too left-brained a place which took me out of what I was doing and often didn't even look congruent enough in the end. I'd have a line of bricks, and they'd all be intended to be even... only, the lines would be wobbly, one brick wouldn't meet the other right, so on. Even once when I did "succeed", it made the work feel... lifeless and sterile. Like wax sculptures posed than actual people.

So I figured my problem was I was impatient, in a word. In multiple, I had to be always moving. Not rushing through, but if I lingered then problems happened. If not practical, then my brain would start screaming at me to stop and my subconscious is not something I can ignore or train away. The solution seemed to be to embrace that, make it work for me than against.

Linked here are two pieces I did, following that line of thinking: https://imgur.com/gallery/1G5HT

Its tighter than the preceding sketches, but still messy.

What I want to discuss is how to take this, how to make it work -better-. I've seen work by people that seemed to have a similar idea. Thin linework with quick strokes, very sketchy but fine. My biggest (linework) issue I can see largely involves repeated strokes. Mostly happens on odd curving shapes I just can't get done in one stroke, or trying to enlarge the outer line of an object/subject.
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Postby Audiazif » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:23 pm

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By "repeated stroke" do you mean like "chicken scratch" or are you talking about the multiple line you used to describe some curves (like the leg of the statue in the second piece)? I suppose both could be solved by being more careful with the cursor placement and practice. Make sure the cursor is on the line you just made and that you follow that line. And for making the outer contour bold you could make the brush bigger. A bigger brush will be much faster and cleaner.
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Postby Greencoat7 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:18 am

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Multiple line and chicken scratch. Procreate with the apple pencil doesn't have a proper cursor, actually.

I think once I get the lines just a teensy bit more congruent, they won't stand out quite so much. They'll sort of flow together. Hopefully.
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