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Postby Thelastmethbender » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:41 am

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Subject title: What makes a character looks feminine or masculine?

Ive noticed that im having issues trying to flush out masculine and feminine features on my characters. What makes someone look either way? Ive noticed that even when im in a character creator in an RPG game I tend to accidentally make my females look mannish, sometimes its even when I adjust just one slider. I know really obvious things like a squire jaw and large upper frame looks manly while wider hips, big lips, bigger eye lashes look girly.

What are some small things I should be looking out for that can really bring out the characters gender?


Postby Moe » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:35 am

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Post work.


Postby Josephcow » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:13 am

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rounded forms=feminine
angular forms=masculine

This principle is based not on cultural ideals of beauty, which are shallow and ever changing, but on human's underlying anatomy. Female skulls have more delicate and rounded brow bone and jaw than male. Female hip bones are wider and more bowl shaped. Females have a different distribution of body fat which rounds out the forms of the muscles.
Look into this idea more closely. You know that square jaw and superhero shoulders looks masculine, and big eyes look feminine but this idea of angular/rounded works in much subtler ways as well.

Some men have very big lips and still look like men. So you can't always use those kinds of cues to differentiate gender.


Postby HungryDoodles » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:42 pm

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So... Small question with huuuuuuuuge answer actually. I'll try to shorten things out.

Well, first of all what are women and what are men? Basically a result of appearance of genders in nature. And roles of these genders are being dictated by the nature itself. Aaaand yes, I'm going for analytical approach.
Also, rule of evolution: the optimal, take that in mind, this will be needed later.

Women are basically the only ones who keeps humanity alive (please don't do discussions about this, it's just how it is). By "keeping alive" I mean they can give birth, look after babies, etc. Basically no hard physical loads, so that's why they have such few muscle mass and so tiny little rib cage. And the rule of optimal here tells, that amount of this muscle mass should be as least as possible and a rib cage can be much smaller. Men are the opposite - they are strength. If they hadn't strength... Well, they would have needed an intellect, that's why we have developed brains. But the echo of old times, when strength was more applicable that intellect, is still here, so much more intense muscle growth is typical for a man, as well as bigger rib cage for bigger lungs, to keep up with tremendous amount of oxygen depletion rates because of muscles.

This-little-dood needs to come out, right? Then women's pelvis shall be pretty big, I should say. Not always it's THAT huge though, it's more like it must have enough of a hole (no perv) down below to be just enough (the optimal again) for baby to come out. But for the men big pelvis is not just unnecessary - it's quite not good. It's much more safe to take loads on a smaller pelvis since it'll have better lever and will have less strain in it.

As for our insides - they're rock. I don't mean they are made of rock, they just "can do", even their small amount can do a lot of work. Actually it turns out, that men are much more demanding in amount of internals, than women. Why? Pffff... Simple: metabolism rates are higher. Sounds stoopid, I know. "But what about pregnancy, isn't it demanding" - you ask. Not that much. I would say: not THAT much. No need for muscle growth, no need for healing from injures and else, etc. So, with that said: imagine body bend and unbent, and insides are actually must be of such volume, that they will be tightly packed up only if body bent forward completely. Otherwise if body is straight there will be a little bit more place for a little bit less volume of internals. It will look like some sort of vacuum - total volume of internals is ever so slightly less, than maximum expansion of place they occupy.
But on the contrary women must have some sort sustain to feed and keep children and protection due to the lack of muscle "shield" - it's a fat. If woman has fat - it's good, it's very-very good. I personally don't like, when "fat" is treated as a uniquely bad word, because it's not. Actually there is two types of fat by places they appear: local fat - grows at certain spots, and general fat - grows almost everywhere. Only the second one causes an overweight.

With all this above: women are tend to have hourglass shape of a body, smaller rib cage (close to egg shape by the way), relatively bigger pelvis, wider legs placement (joints are further away from each other), narrower shoulders,
relatively bigger heads (!!!relatively!!!), skinnier limbs, smaller jaws (really smaller), cutier faces (with less prominent features, more smooth), slightly different skulls (esp. forehead), smaller palms, smaller feet, more prominent tendons (compared to muscles), thicker and smoother thighs (because of fat), smoothed out (by the fat) belly and waist, much smoother wider and bigger buttocks (fat again), bent backwards spine,
aaaaand this is as much as I can say, since everything else is more likely to be seen from... ahem... references. Some things are buried in my mind so hard, that I can't tell how I can make feminine or masculine figure, it's just too complicated. Don't be shy to use nudes, there is nothing wrong about it if you are using them in a good no-more-than-technical way. Seriously, just make yourself a folder, where you might put every interesting pieces, that can give you a hint sometime in the future.
Now for the man: men are tend to have more down-triangle body shape (but it's not the rule), more prominent muscles, blocky appearance, relatively smaller heads (!!!!RELATIVELY!!!!), bigger palms, sausage-like legs, bigger feet,
more straight spine, more triangle shaped head, less forehead, more nose, covered eyes (more mass around them), powerful jaws, wider necks, wider shoulders, slightly stiffer bones and joints
... Yeah.

By keeping that in mind try to look at references, thinking that "women are weaker, smaller, and have noticeable local fat, men are stronger, bigger, but don't have much of local fat". If you struggling with getting the same result, then you might want to change the process. You know what helped me? EXAGGERATING! Exaggerate! Push the difference!

I said.

EDIT: With the face it's same blocky for men and smooth for women. Woman might have smaller nose, smaller mouth, tiny jaw tip, less covered eyes, smooooooooth forehead, especially note the eye sockets cheekbones, they are different a lot. For man I can say, that as for everything else they have, their face looks like it has more of a muscles too, it's straight and stiff.
The easiest way to make a feminine-looking character is to make face a bit childish, which slightly related to making it more round and smooth.

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