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Postby UnorthodoxThing » Wed Sep 27, 2017 12:26 pm

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Subject title: Form studies? Where thou guide?

Would love some critique on this. I'm keeping it in black and white until I get the gist of light and values. I was also wondering about if form studies is a category in art fundamentals or the word for it is actually 'light' and 'value'. Would love some guide or advice on this. I was following this guy tutorial - ... rm-studies by Rodger adams.

I'm not sure about an object shadow falling on another object, creating a shadow over it. I'm not sure what value the shadow on the other object should be. (For example, the cone shadow on the square I drew).
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Postby Audiazif » Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:24 pm

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The shadow of an object that falls on another object would be the value of the shadow of the object that is getting cast upon. In your form study, the value of the cone's cast shadow would be the value of the shadow side of the box. Think of it like the cone was on a ground plane that was the same local value as the box. Another thing is the cast shadow of the cone is too skinny. The width would be the same as the base of the cone. Again think of how the shadow would cast if the cone were not on the box then, in this case, you would cut off the point of the cast shadow of the cone at the the edge of the box.

For the lighting you need to give more information. What lighting situation were you going for? spotlight, point light, or directional light? It is not to clear on what is going on. Where is the light coming from exactly? I could guess but again it is not clear. How many light sources? I ask this because I think the "rock" form would need to have multiple light sources in order to achieve how the planes are lit. And for good measure, How intense is the light? Just another thing to think about.
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