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Postby ShyVibrance » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:35 am

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Subject title: How should I go forward with improving my art?

It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I find myself kinda stuck on what to work on for my art. I think my weakest suits right now are anatomy and perspective, but if you have any others I'd like to hear them. I'd also like to know how to practice some of these things, if you have resources to link I'd really, really appreciate that.
I'm graduating high school this year and am thinking about pursuing art college, so if you have any tips on what skills I should prioritize for that then that would help a lot.

Here's my last finished artwork I did, from a few days ago: ... v3pt6l.png
16 year old self taught artist, trying to get better at art.


Postby Alpacky » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:03 pm

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Sombra and widow, good taste :3

Most prevelent issues in this order: Gesture, Form, proportions, perspective (which is sort of part of form)... etc.

The arms and such look really flat, which can be attributed to the lineart, and the shading, which is a drawing problem (the form)
The proportions are pretty off
also work on gesture. everything feels really stiff and sort of awkward.
You can find tutorials for this stuff from sycra and many others. Figure drawing would help, and possibly doing some form practice by at first, drawing simple three dimensional shapes in perspective, and then making them more and more complex, cutting shapes out, adding shaped on ect. and then shading them.

(side note the background looks sorta like modern art, which isnt that bad, but i would work on matching the colors of the background to the foreground for appeal and such

Like it though, keep it up.
always happy to look at some overwatch art :D
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Postby tomgardenart » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:45 am

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Do a lot of form study. Do 1hr a day. Get a photo off the internet of a material, lets say a skull (bone) for example and turn it to grey scale. Now you will only be taking in the value. Create a psd document where you have the photo above and some drawing space below to copy. Try to think about how the light is effecting the picture rather than switching off and just 'drawing'. Read books and articles to understand what the light is doing and why things look how they look. (Bounce light, subsurface scattering etc.). Buy James Gurney's Color and light book. It's great for an over all understanding of light and colour.

To study colour, you could do what Nathan Fawkes does and re-paint/copy a painting trying to select the same colours. Try not to colour pick, and only do when you have given it a good guess at what the colour is. It trains your eye to become sensitive about colour. Also, Nathan Fawkes Schoolism course on colour is amazing.

And Draw. Just remember to always be trying to learn the fundamentals and theory of art and painting as you draw or you will find yourself wasting your time drawing they same old stuff.

Same goes for drawing faces, muscles, birds etc etc. Practice copying them. You can combine these practices to kill two birds with one stone. Say you want to learn anatomy and figure but also practice form (you should always practice form, you will never be good enough not to) then you can draw a figure in grey scale. That way you are learning about the figure, but also learning how light effects form.

Try to break these things up into hr long lessons for yourself. Good luck :)

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