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Postby Bishop » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:58 pm

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Subject title: Please Critique My Study [WIP]

hey guys, i'm currently studying this one, and i'm about to go to bed, i just want to make a post real quick to ask you guys for some crit, so i can fix those.


dimension 404 ep4 sycra.jpg


back again 14 sycra.jpg

July 14, 2017

back again 15 sycra.jpg
July 14, 2017

believe me or not at first i didn't intend on drawing Garnet, but somehow the hair got in there, then the glasses lol.

so i did everything on this piece, and i mean literally everything, not the usual ref study, but i do use ref for the lighting, and hair and glasses, i tried my best to do the light in my mind and less looking at ref [ but to be honest, i couldn't find the light ref i want, so i use a similar ref ], her glasses was.....idk, i never painted glasses before so idk, but its definitely wrong, i can feel it.

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Postby geogentry » Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:02 am

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Hey Bishop,

I am no expert to be sure. And I am teaching myself to do portraits. But the thing that jumped out at me on your WIP is the sharp delineation between one shade and another which is not the way it shows up on your reference. And the light areas seem to be almost white but they are more grayish in the reference.


Postby Josephcow » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:27 am

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Hi! You're brushmarks are looking good but your values are not! You tend to exaggerate everything just a bit. When you see an area get lighter you make it way lighter. My first impression when looking at the first picture is that the sliver of light from the window (or is it a sword?) is extremely light while everything else is quite dark. But you made the light on the side of his face the same value as the light.

Now what I am NOT saying is that you need to copy the picture exactly and match every value because that is a waste of time. What i've said before is that you need to get everything in the proper relationship. Group values together simply at first. I'm seeing in the first picture 3 distinct value groups. Dark (almost black), light (only the strip of light at the left, nothing else) and middle (everything not black). If you do it this way you'll never make the mistake of making the face the same value as the light because they are not in the same group.

To assess your values better try zooming out to a very small size and look for differences between your painting and the ref. And look for values in the image that are the same instead of different. The more correct relationships you find the easier it is to complete the rest.

side note: you also have issues with your drawing. Like I said your marks are large and confident, but are they in the right place? and I like that garnet drawing a lot.


Postby behxmot » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:34 am

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i'm not sure this post will go through spam filter (a couple others haven't apparently), which is why I'm gonna keep it short: cool pic you chose, and is that a sword?
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