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Postby VALLAHA » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:12 am

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Subject title: Lip study ( having lots of trouble with the shading & form)

Please excuse my crappy Photoshop skills

Hello! I've been copying this lip numerous times and this was the result. Please critique this drawing and thank you. <3

Camera 083.jpg


Postby biosphere » Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:29 pm

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Heya. You're tackling a tricky subject there. The light in this picture is kind of difficult to wrap your head around. There is the form of the lips but they are also glossy and reflective and so you'll have elements of that as well. Not to mention how the light is pretty flat to begin with.

Modeling shots are the worst pictures to work from imho. Photographers intentionally use too much filler light that just flattens the form for an artist to draw from. They do this to hide imperfections.

Before you tackle the values let's look at the drawing.

I find that it helps me to find straighter lines when drawing something for likeness. It's important to consider the form, but also the relationship between shapes. Especially if your subject is already framed. Such as your example. Likeness to reference is based highly on shape recognition. So measuring these placements of edges and shapes is something that should be spent some time on carefully before going in there and solidifying it with darker lines and values.

I'll do an example.


Notice how straight the actual lines that make up the shape are. I can always round them off later. If you do this traditionally with pencil. Remember that you can sketch the first lay in lightly for drawing over later or erasing.

I added the cross lines through it to show the measurement and comparison of the "negative space" between the lips and teeth and also to get an idea of the placement comparative to the lip. Whether you actually physically draw a line like this or try your best to imagine it is of no consequence. The result will be that you can more easily focus on comparing your proportions and placement.

I'm hope that helps as a way to start out. The way I work from reference is part measurement and part construction. But to construct things I also need a rudimentary underestanding of how it's built up and I can only get that from observation. There are people who will always like measurement over construction and those who like construction over measurement. But the best thing for me is a golden middle way.

As for adding value to this sucker, remember that it's reflective as well as a form that needs lighting. So you'll have a reflective layer on top of a base layer of form through value. I apologize if this post is way too complicated. Feel free to ask questions. And we can always hope more talented and knowledgeable people than myself chime in as well. I'll try to throw some value on it later if you want. I don't have too much time to post right now.


Postby VALLAHA » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:07 pm

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Nah this post isn't complicated. But it was helpful thanks! :)

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