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Postby Keebs » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:44 am

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Subject title: Critique my art pls! :)

Hey guys, first time posting here.
I don't have a lot of artist friends (at least not anyone who's familiar with the same art style as me) but at the same time i know the value of critisism for improving your work. So here I am :)
This piece was a little out of my comfort zone, I usually pick quite a 'safe' light source for portraits; 3/4 side, or just front lighting. I wanted to try something more dynamic here.
Obviously I can see that this isn't the greatest artwork in the world, but I can't pick up on what's wrong with it, whether it's the lighting or the colours etc. Although i suppose thats why I am here asking for help from you guys!

Looking forward to hearing your comments!

(Quality isn't great cause the image had to be 1mb, so sorry about the pixelation!)
Dr. Mercy.jpg


Postby Mandilor » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:25 am

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It looks really nice. I like the colors and the glowy feel that makes me think of cyber tech.

Anywho the problem isn't the colors, the lighting is a bit odd but the main theng is the drawing.

So first thing is the head is on wrong. Remember the sternomastoid connects to behind the ear and the chin sticks out. You have the opposite having the back of the jaw stick out and the throat being close the the ear on the other side.

Next you have some symmetry issues. Eyes aren't on the same level. I'd drop the left (her left) eye down a tad. The bottom lip looks like you painted it straight on instead of match the 3/4 view. A similar thing is going on with the chin. The chin should more or less equally line up with the corners of the mouth on either side. It's missing a chunk on the right side.

The hair should flow back into her bun. You have it flowing down to the sides as if its hanging down.

The nose is a tad to far right. The wings of the nostrils should line up with the tear ducts.

The area where the ear connects to the head looks like you didn't plan it threw all the way and was just winged and then covered up.

Those are the drawing problems. The lighting is weird. I can't tell where that main source is coming from with a light shape like that on the nose and no light on the side of the face/cheek next to the ear/corner of the eye.

I hope that helps and my thorough critique hasn't given the wrong impression. I do really like the look you have going and on first glance it looks pretty good. The flaws became mostly noticeable when I tried doing a paint over. I feel like a botched the colors and overall feel you had going but I did an alright job changing the structure. Hope it helps illustrate the things I pointed out.


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