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Postby LorenzoCozza » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:40 pm

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Subject title: general tips on this piece?

anything really...but i would appreciate some tips on how to fix the hand in the pocket that sucks right now, thanks :)


Postby Audiazif » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:14 pm

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I think the hand in the pocket doesn't work. It almost seems like you just didn't want to draw the hand because you had trouble with the other. I think you could fix it by maybe instead of having the hand in the pocket have the arm in a sling. He is holding a weapon so having the arm in a sling could show that he was in battle or in a fight. Just something to add a little backstory without being too obvious.

A major issue I am seeing is the values. You kind of handicapped yourself when you put it on a white bg. There is no way to go any lighter in value than pure white so the only why to contrast that is to go darker. And since the bg is white you have to go very dark to get good contrast. So don't start with a white bg (that isn't saying that the bg could end up being white after you get things establish). Another issue I see is with the detail. It is not that it is bad. The problem is just where you put it. Detail draws the eye and the most detail in your piece is in the spear. I am sure you did not intend for the focal point of the character to be his spear but since other areas are not as refined as the spear, the eye is draw to the spear. The last thing I would mention is the arms seem short. This could mean that they are actually short or, if their lengths are correct, they are too thick.
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Postby LorenzoCozza » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:36 pm

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Thank you for replying! I am new to painting, this is one of my first tries; the reason i went with a white background is because i had actually started with a 30% grey but since the skin also seemed to fall within that range it was really hard to see the difference between the shape of this character and the background itself. Is it possible to change it now that I'm half way through the painting? As for the spear i see exactly what you mean but it's actually a placeholder, it's just a photo of which i lowered the saturation so i'm planning to paint it myself and I'll be careful to put the right amount of detail. Now that you mention it I notice the problem with the arms as well, I'll make sure to fix it. Thank you again!! :)


Postby Tosyboasty » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:41 pm

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I agree with what Audiazif's statements about how hands in pockets suggest laziness in drawing hands, as well as the statement about the white background. You could adjust and use the magic wand tool to reinstate a background for the figure, find a tutorial on how to adjust the magic wand to make it accurate.

Also, a way that you can fix the hand in pocket problem is to simply put something in that hand. Since the character seems like a member of a cult, i thought to put a book in his hand.

It's just an simple idea, and maybe you can even put the same insignia that is on the forehead on the book, the pose i suggested also doesn't require you to start all over, just change some stuff.

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