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Postby Shinewbie » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:15 am

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Subject title: Creating my style

I'm trying to create my style and i have come up with this, I just wanna ask for some reviews/critiques about it and if there is some mistakes I will be happy if you kindly pointed it out, Thank you


Postby naundeeey » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:50 pm

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Man, I'll be honest with you
Its not that good.

There are severe proportion+anatomy errors. Besides that it just looks like a generic manga face rather than "your style".
I'd recommend you to study anatomy, Andrew Loomis has a good portraiture book on that. You can find basic proportion rules just by google searching "face proportions".

A quick fix is to make his neck thinner and move the whole picture to the right, so there is more space to his face's side.
The face appears to be in 3/4 view, but even then the further eye doesn't get smaller, it just gets "thinner" on the horizontal dimension.
The eyebrows show through the hair.
Ears start at the height of the nose base and end at the height of eyebrows.
Chin corner is roughly at the height of the mouth.
Seems like you've winged the glasses so I took some time and straightened them out.
Looking at the gif I think I STILL made the eye too small.

Instead of creating a style so early on I would recommend you to study the fundamentals (like proportions and anatomy, later perspective followed by form).
Style comes naturally, most good artists don't "look" for a style, they rather look to always improve their fundamental skills and learning the basics.

Remember: Beginners are too good for basics while professional artists respect the basics the most.

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