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Postby JJJustinX » Mon May 29, 2017 10:47 am

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Subject title: Second Critique Submission

I was working on a new character for fun and it reminded me of the character I created for my first submission since they were similar. I wanted to submit this one to see what progress I've made, what I still need to improve on, and what new things I may need to work on. My previous submission I had lots of issues with proportions and I never fully solved them. I think that now I've gotten it and I have a version with the proportion lines to show my thinking (which is pretty straightforward in a simple image like this). If the proportion is still wrong let me know. Also the it's my first time drawing a bird, not to mention a robot bird so it may or may not be the best, but I think it turned out pretty decent. One thing I know I had trouble with, though, is the robotic arm. It goes somewhat back then forward again towards the hip and therefore has a distortion in proportion due to perspective but I wasn't quite sure if I got it right. If not, can you show me how it's wrong and how to fix it in future sketches? And any advice besides that is welcome of course. Thank you!

Here is the uncompressed sketch! (I couldn't find the photo compression app I used last time, so sorry I couldn't put a compressed image up there with it)


Postby giwayume » Tue May 30, 2017 5:39 pm

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Proportion-wise, the elbow reaches about to the bottom of the rib cage in the anatomical position, so you made her arm much too long. You have her elbow reaching almost to the top of the iliac crest. Also try to get a sense of how the bones in the arm operate so you know how the elbow moves. It will give you a hint as to how it looks. Right now it looks like you just drew a tube that bends at one spot.

Since you're doing an 8-head-tall figure, you need to widen her body features so she doesn't look so lankey. Try to think about horizontal proportions in addition to the vertical proportions. Her shoulders especially should be broadened a bit.

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