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Postby Spethik » Sun May 28, 2017 12:31 am

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Subject title: First time posting! Would love some feedback.

This was a gift I painted for my girlfriend, I had it printed on canvas. Let me know what you think!

The preview image does not accurately represent the shading I did (especially on the face), as it is compressed.

Uncompressed version ------->

Edit: I'll try to explain my thought process on this :D

The girl in the picture is an older version of my girlfriend's daughter
The butterfly represents my girlfriend (it's her favorite animal)
And the gold pendant her daughter is holding is a gift I gave to her mother when we first started dating.

I wanted to show that her mother will always be protecting her, or looking after her in some way, even when she is gone.

The cyan is my girlfriend's favorite color, and the magenta is her daughter's favorite color.
I thought making the pendant gold would make a nice triad of colors.
I figured since the trail and the pendant are the only thing illuminating this image, that this would be the proper way to color it all.
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Postby astrokeofmadness » Sun May 28, 2017 8:25 am

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The butterfly should have some element of that pink in it, or you would need to think of some way to indicate that it is changing colors, such as it starting to produce pink near the tail end, and its body partially becoming pink. Also the pink fireball thing is really out of place and I can't for the life of me figure out what it is or why its there. I really like the lighting effects done with the blue, although the pink isnt working as well, likely because its coming on too strong too far in comparison to the blues intensity and then fade. There is something mildly off with the face, either the lips are too low or its because the shadow is too dark that the mouth region starts to look like its in profile even though it isnt. I horizontally rotated the image and that issue becomes more pronounced.

edit- I checked out the full size image and there is a notable difference in lighting between the two in the face region, so my previous comment on the face being too dark isn't an issue, albeit, if when shrunk it doesnt translate, it might need to be lighter in general.


Postby Oli » Sun May 28, 2017 2:04 pm

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Hey mate,

I think it is i nice idea you have there and you could leave it as it is. However, compositionally, it could be improved a lot. ATM, the girl and the butterfly do not really interact. While she dreamily looks to the ground, the butterfly swooshes around her and attacks her from the back. Or at least this is my interpretation of what I am seeing. Try to put her a bit more off-center and the butterfly maybe in the general direction she is looking at. This will connect them better! Visually speaking. Next, that swooshy thing looks really cool, but it does not represent the way a butterfly flies. A butterfly zig-zags a bit and tumbles around lightly, bit it ain't gonna swoosh around leaving that "heavy" trail. Make it lighter, not in value or color, but in the feel of things. If you get what I am trying to say. Make it more butterflyish ;)

Happy painting!
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Postby naundeeey » Sun May 28, 2017 11:49 pm

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"Shading" means to give a drawing form by applying different tones to indicate turning forms, edges, corners, roundness, etc...

Your Painting looks very flat because you didnt apply those tones. It seems as if the two colors on her body have been applied with a big soft brush and that was it.

If you're seriously interested in improving your drawing/painting skills I'd recommend you Michale Hamptons book "Figure Drawing - Design and Invention".
Also, Bridgmans, Loomis' and Hogarths anatomy books are really good and can be found online for free.

Other than that there are minor things like her missing thumb and the garish color choices.
I'd make the key in her hand much bigger thus more readable. Also I'd change the trail of the butterfly to a softer gradient. For example from blue slowly to cyan.

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