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Postby ProudGainer » Sat May 27, 2017 5:32 am

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Subject title: FanArt/Illustration

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I am Always looking for art friends. PM me if you are interested :>


Postby naundeeey » Sat May 27, 2017 10:23 pm

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Proportions & Anatomy should be your #1 priority atm


Postby Spider » Sat May 27, 2017 10:47 pm

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Honestly I have to say you're lacking in a lot of areas here. I think the biggest thing I had a problem with was the way it was drawn, so to start, the really strong eyelashes and lips are a little off putting, I know it's the character from Haikyuu, but here the character looks really female, with the eyes and the lips, especially compared to the way the character looks in the anime. The hair is really long too, and has an unnatural movement. The ear is too high, even at that angle, which come to think of it, the perspective is a little confusing. You have the head looking in a 3/4 point of view, when it should be from a high point of view, I assume. There are some big problems with the anatomy too, the arms are as thick as the legs, if not bigger. And the shapes of the arms are too round, especially for an athlete. The legs however, have an inconsistent shape, and don't attach correctly to the pelvis. Finally the coloring and shading of the drawing, you used really really dark colors for the background and foreground, and used a really bright streak in the background too, that's really bold, and if it's not done well then it can really skew with what the viewer see's first. The main point of the image I assume is the character, but the lightning in the back is too bright, and stands out too much compared to the character. The background being so dark also creates a really confusing mood for the character, it's volleyball, personally I just find it a little too dark and intense for a volleyball game. The way you shaded gives everything really really soft light and dark shadows, you need to experiment and practice using harder and soft brushes together, because this drawing looks like it was done mainly with the airbrush tool, which gives the arms especially too much of a gradient, but arms are muscles and have a lot of form, they're not single cylinders. Finally, I think the blur on the volleyball was a good idea but the blur on the hands, especially when it's going outward like that, isn't necessary.

In conclusion, I hope you learn a lot from this piece, don't let this discourage you, I've seen some of your other work and you have potential, if you'll just do more studies and practice. Keep working.

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