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Postby sileco » Mon May 15, 2017 4:51 am

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Subject title: critique please



Postby Mandilor » Mon May 15, 2017 9:24 pm

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I really like the gothic look you've got going here. Your lighting is unique and a bit tricky. You have an intense and saturated back light and then a dull, white, front light. You have some inconsistences like the hair and horns. The hair should be little some in the front as well as the back.

The biggest change I would tell you to work on is making sure your darks look good. So for starters I would recommend rarely going below 10% in value. Try and keep some subtle detail in your shadows. Also you really want to saturate your darks more. Its a bit tricky to manage here since your lights are also so saturated so you are going to want to find areas where you can put in some grays or less saturated colors to help balance it out.

Your anatomy could use some work. Mainly in the area of considering when to show for and structure of a muscle or bone and when to just let it blend it into the over all form, subtly is key.

Put more time into your hands. You have a lot of awesome detail in the face, magic wheel thing and skull orb which really makes the piece look good but then it's dragged down by the lack of love put into the hands.

I feel like doing some photo studies or referencing this guy might help.

Fair warning there is nudity.

I did a quick paint over. I hope it helps illustrate what I've said and gives you some good ideas. Keep up the awesome work.



Postby sileco » Mon May 15, 2017 11:56 pm

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Thanks for the advice
I have big problems with consistency and you are not the first to tell me that, but through your advice I started to think how will I tackle this thing? cuz I don' t see it happening, I know that exist but I can't really see it until someone points out
and for the anatomy I plan to start proko anatomy course but I don't have the money yet


Postby Gryephon » Tue May 16, 2017 12:41 am

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There's simply too much contrast in the values in the foreground for the lighting you're trying to portray. What causes contrast on the form is based on the intensity of the lighting. So if all the intense lighting is in the background, and the figure is blocking it, then logically the foreground of the figure would have way less contrast because the strength of the light is behind.

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Postby Audiazif » Thu May 18, 2017 6:29 pm

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I think the clavicle and neck anatomy is over accentuated. This might not be a problem if it was intentional or anatomically accurate but it doesn't look that way to me so it comes across as clunky and sticks out like a sore thumb. I would recommend using reference and studying superficial anatomy. You don't have to know the names or anything specific, just really pay attention to the forms and where things are. I would also say that you should start subtle and then make it more pronounced if it needs it.

The thing that is really bothering me is the head and face. There are a lot of small asymmetries that seem to add up and no matter what I tried I could not figure out how to fix them all. However the the ones that stick out the most are the eyes and the jaw. The eyes are not aligned in relation to the face, the angle of the eye line is off and the eyes are kind of mismatched making her seem somewhat deformed. Try to work up the eyes together rather than one at a time and pay attention to the shape and how much iris, pupil, and eyelid is showing. For the jaw the "breaks" don't line up and one side is rounder than the other. Flipping the canvas can help fix asymmetries like this. The thing that stood out that most on the head, for me, is that the head itself is elongated, there is too much head above the eyes. The eyes are about half way on the head (you have probably already heard this). Going by that measurement it puts the top of her head around a little above the points of the horns. That is where the peak of the head is if she were bald, hair would add a little more to that but not to the extent in this painting. Now it looks like you might of had that measurement and then added more height unintentionally with the hair and how the hair line is. Again this is where looking at reference and starting subtlety would help. Look at how much hair is visible on a reference this will help in not over exaggerate the size if the hair.
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