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Postby bosinpai » Sun May 14, 2017 12:46 pm

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Subject title: Video game / visual novel character

Hi everybody, first post here!
I'm working on a visual novel (see e.g., this is one of my first attempts at a full character.
Sycra's videos have been helping a lot of the years, and here specifically with basic anatomy :)

This is a secondary character, he's the captain of a noble's guard in a post-middle-age/renaissance setup.



This is non-anime-style, rather western-style.
(The lines show how the character will be framed in the game screen, hence why I didn't work much on the legs.)

I think I got the line art, body proportions and coloring fine enough,
- now I'd like fresh eyeballs to notice issues I missed, and possibly ways to improve the piece :D


Postby vanveee » Mon May 15, 2017 2:19 am

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hey! so first off, there are a few issues with the pose. generally, cutting off a character at any joint (in this case, the knees) is something to be avoided. Also, I would consider drawing him facing towards the viewer as I believe that most visual novel npcs are usually talking to the player, unless of course he is meant to be talking to someone else onscreen. Either way, I'm not too well versed in that area, so it's just a suggestion. As for anatomy, you do have a good basic sense, but you could benefit from studying it a bit more. I included a quick drawing from reference that I did with a pose that feels more natural (Disclaimer: while I have been studying anatomy for over two years, I'm still very much a beginner, especially in the torso area). I can't stress enough how important it is to use reference photos when drawing people, especially something as important as a big project like this. Don't let anyone tell you it's "cheating" to use refs. The only way you can draw from imagination is if you practice drawing something from life so intensely that you can recreate it accurately in your mind. I mention this because it was something I struggled with for a while, and when I used refs I saw an immediate improvement :) Now, clothing is one of my many weak points, so I can't offer much critique there, besides that the folds in the sleeve are a bit odd, but nothing too major besides that. Though I have like zero knowledge of historical clothing, I /do/ get a good sense of the time period base on what you drew, so that's really good! if you want a high res psd of my notes/redraw, or more explanation on anything, just let me know! :D



Postby luftsaob » Mon May 15, 2017 2:38 am

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It sounds like a cool game, I'd love to buy a copy once you finish as I'm always a sucker for those types of game! However, if he's supposed to a captain of a guard I think he'd be dressed more ornately? Maybe look up reference for clothes of that time, and also see how other's have draw characters from that period. Right now his clothes seem a bit too casual. Try googling renaissance captain and you often see the 3 flap hats (not sure if they are actually called that) that were in fashion at the time, as well as long heavy coats with gold straps down the front opening. Can't wait to see more!
Edit: I should clarify too that you shouldn't get stuck up in being 100% accurate of the time period since you are making your own story and design! But I think just taking key elements from the fashion will give a good feel. I think the clothes he has now fits with the time perfectly, just not his rank. :)


Postby bosinpai » Mon May 15, 2017 11:22 pm

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Whoa, so many interesting points, thanks a lot!

@Vanvee I'd much appreciate a higher-res version because I can't read some of your annotations!
Also I can't believe how easily you figured me out - I do like to draw from imagination, usually I study references and then I draw without them to train my visual memory :D Thanks for reminding me it still shows.

Note: I used a 6-7 heads model on purpose, this is the style my team mate settled with, I believe this lightens the tone.
Aside from that these are all valid and adequate suggestions.

@luftsaob we intend to release this as a short free game :D
Good point about the rank-less clothes, I used references for a simple guard/musketeer, but he does need some richer clothing.
(by the way did you mean a "tricorn" hat?)


Postby lilla » Tue May 16, 2017 2:34 pm

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Just wanted to add a bit about the costume, since I really like costumes in general, and I really like your design! Though a few things... firstly, if you're making a character design, add the whole figure, do show the feet too, shoes are an important part of the character too... Additionally to the sleeves, I think it also applies to the legs, it's not completely clear what is overlapping what. Plus I think it would help if you decided a bit more on what time period you want to get across, the renaissance was long and different for various countries, the Romeo and Juliet type costume
Spoiler: show
would include skin-tight pants and extremely short jackets (above the butt) but the 4 musketeer type era
Spoiler: show
was baggier pants and big boots and longer jackets... as far as I know :) it's not necessary to follow that, but it helps to know to define your character's clothes a bit more!


Postby bosinpai » Tue May 16, 2017 8:43 pm

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Thanks a lot, I'll rework the overlaps! Also your sketches helps understand the folds quite well.
The base story is set in France around 1610 - which is around both Romeo & Juliet's publication & probable setting (1597), and the Three Musketeers start date (1625), so I guess I can pick either clothing style, ahah ;)

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