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Postby Crimsonblack XXX » Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:22 pm

  Crimsonblack XXX
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Subject title: Critique wanted for Painting.

I recent painting that I created. Want any and all advice on how I could improve :)
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Postby snisetski » Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:36 pm

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Very pretty! But the lamp looks bland, add some interesting values to it, make it glow. It's the light source after all!


Postby Josephcow » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:24 pm

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It's good except I think you've got the arms too long and the head too big. Do the pose yourself. On me my elbows only reach the base of my sternum. Nowhere near my hips.


Postby Gryephon » Wed May 03, 2017 1:18 am

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You might try experimenting around with a triadic color scheme, the greens and reds look really faded. Do you have protanopia?
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Postby Mandilor » Wed May 03, 2017 9:17 pm

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Two things I see that need some work on. The first is form. You're doing an ok job in some areas but it looks like when it comes to foreshortening an object you have trouble. This is made obvious by looking at the leg. The folds on her pants should be showing us how the cloth wraps around the leg which is cylindrical in nature. Instead the folds are cutting into the form making the leg look flat.

The second thing that jumps out is the silhouettes of things. They're very week. In some cases they're blurry and don't work to separate the object from another. I can see you're going for a camera blur effect with the background but I'm not talking about that. The couch and the cushions that make up the couch and the girls pants all should have cleaner more thought out and solid edges to them. They look like you just didn't spend time figuring out what those shapes were and so you just fudged it.

Some more nit picky things would be it doesn't make sense for the couch to be lit up like that. All the light is coming from behind it. When you have light coming from behind an object it calls attention to it silhouette and removes a lot of the form information.

I think it would look nicer if the lamp lit the air around it giving it a nice soft glowing look to it.

The feet are completely flat and don't have an form to them. This is distracting because they're right in our face and take up as much space as her face does. You want to spend enough time on the lesser parts of your painting so that they don't distract from the important parts.

Study drapery.

Look out for tangents. You have a dark line going down the left side of the border of the canvas. Although the rest is spot on so good job there.

I hope you found some of that useful. It is a really nice piece and concept. I like how to played the warm and cool light against each other. It's done quite nicely although maybe stick to blues in the shadows. In a lighting heavy piece like this local color isn't going to matter that much; especially in a dark environment.


Postby Crimsonblack XXX » Fri May 19, 2017 9:30 pm

  Crimsonblack XXX
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Thanks a lot for all the critiques everyone, found it very helpful.

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