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Postby Iksnerogib » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:18 am

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Subject title: illustration in comic book style

Hi, guys.
Tell me what you think, please. Feel free to be cruelly honest :D .


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Postby vanveee » Mon May 15, 2017 2:31 am

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Honestly I think this is incredible! The only problem is that it seems a bit to painterly in places, specifically the two guys. It seems like you had the line art but then painted over it, which is something you definitely don't want in comic art. Comic art is iconic largely due to the art's dynamic, bold lines. Seeing the lines you've done on the left guy's jean pockets and seams, it looks like you've got that comic line style down really well, just extend that to the rest of the piece and you'll be golden! Also just a tiny detail, but the right guy is cut off at the knee, which you might wanna change because cutting characters off at any joint is generally not the way to go. However, that's just me being nitpicky. Overall this is just amazing, I would love to read a whole comic drawn by you omg


Postby Alpacky » Mon May 15, 2017 1:10 pm

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I think the weakest point of this image, honestly, is the framing/placement of the camera.
I dont know what your focus is, but because the camera is shared, equally, by the girls on the car, and the guys beating eachother up (lol), it seems more like, one of a couple of shots, to SET the scene of the story. Like how a movie will pan through a sci fi city with weird aliens and stuff, to give you a sense of the atmosphere and culture.

It seems like, because it focuses on the 4 people equally, its one of those "setting the scene" shots. Dont get me wrong, its really good if thats what your going for, but I would probably have the camera, over the guy getting punched's shoulder, with the punchER taking up most of the frame. The girls can be in the background , not caring about whats happening (hehe), but it shouldnt be one of the main focuses, unless, its one of said shots. Its a good idea, to set the mood by having the girls not react to whats happening at all, but it once again, shouldnt be the main focus.
Right now it gives a sorta fight clubby vibe
Culturally, it tells a good story, were you going for background and not foreground(?) story. But i dont think thats the case.

I hope you get what im saying... idk

Style wise, if its a "comic book" style, then it should be cleaner, and more simplified, imo.

My shitty graphic design class is over, so I have to stop here. Hope it helped.
If you dont really get or agree with what im saying, do respond and I will try my best to respond.

I draw stuff sometimes and it looks like this: (Latest work on page 8)

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