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Postby Erekem » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:14 pm

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Subject title: Values critique

The values seem to blend in to mutch and i cant figure out how to make them a bit better .
Feel free to give a critique on anything that migh seem of or point out the mistakes that i made.
It's stil work in progress.


Postby Audiazif » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:01 pm

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If the values are blending then it has to do with contrast. The only way to create contrast in value alone is light on dark or dark on light. If you think the figure is blending into the bg, you either have to make the bg darker or lighter than the figure or make the figure darker or lighter than the bg. Then to create contrast withing the figure, like between the skin and armor if that is an issue, one thing has to be darker or lighter than the other but still dark or light enough to contrast with with the bg. In other words you need to think of value "hierarchy".

Edit: I was trying to come up with a visual but can't really find anything at the moment so I'll try to explain what I mean by value hierarchy. The way I think of it is your entire painting/drawing has the full range of potential values (white to black). Each object or subject in the piece has a value range that takes up a portion of that potential value range. In order for the objects to contrast with each other they have to have contrasting value ranges within that full range of the piece. So the focal point would have the lightest (or darkest) range within the full range and each additional object will have to take up a darker (or lighter) range in order to not compete with the focal point.

I hope this makes sense if not I can try to make a visual when I have time.
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Postby Mandilor » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:15 am

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Not quite sure what you mean by the values seem to blend in too much. Over all its looking pretty good. I think you can push the contrast more to give the metal bits more of a metallic feel and you could brighten up the skin a bit more so it pops value wise from the background and contrasts more with the outfit.

I think you should also add some more bounce light for the underside of things. You don't need much more though. Also to do that you need to brighten up the top side of things.

But yeah the only thing I can say on the plane of technicalities is a little more contrast and just finish rendering.

Leaving in the line like you have flattens it out a bit but it also gives it a stylistic look. It reminds me of cubebrush.

Watch your edges. Makes sure you don't have soft ones where you need clean hard edges.

Also flip your image every now and then. If you do you'll find she is lopsided. It doesn't look too bad but its something you should watch out for in the future.

I did a quick paint over, I hope it helps some but really you're heading down the right path. I would love to see you head into color for your next piece.


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