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Postby anheric » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:21 pm

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Subject title: Any kind of help more than welcome

Hello fellow people and artists,

I found out this place from the video-critiques on youtube which were -very- informative to me.

Now as much as I enjoy drawing, can't say I read and practiced alot of the fundamentals. Therefore all my pieces are abit(and alot) off, even with good references. So by small amounts every time, I learn something new.
Critiques on the other hand are instant knowledge lol. If given by the right person. Cause sometimes I get critiques like "I don't know man, her arm seems wrong; maybe if you put it up a little, or down completely, or if you try drawing her more anime-like? That'd be easier for you." you know. These don't help, these make me wanna hide in my basement and cry. I avoid asking for help now and try to find my mistakes solo and I believe I missed on some great advices.

So big step for me, asking for my first online critique



I also made it a speedpainting and its on youtube - I find making speedpaintings soo much fun:] (also becomes a reason to draw sometimes)

Thank everyone whos taking the time to help - i'd really appreciate it


Postby Fedodika » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:57 pm

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Hey, sorry it took a few days for someone to get back to ya! :lol:

I can see you are well on your way, but i have a few things for advice

1st of all; if you are painting from a reference, be sure to get away from your computer every 20 minutes or so literally and get about 4-6 feet away. This exposes all your flaws with value and if your values are all correct or in the ballpark, the images will look identical (From far away.)
Also, make the picture black and white; that is a big help... I use painter so i just adjust colors and drop saturation to 0 on the layer that is photo ref.

teal: For the most part you did an okay job with her arms, just make sure that her right arm kinda juts out more because that is just what i notice right away.
Red:Those fingers are awkward, if you'll notice her middle finger has a lot more space between it and index finger than you indicated.
Yellow: Value inconsistencies with the picture. Remember to never use color picker! I can see you probably didnt, but at this early stage if something has you stumped it is okay to use ALT to find out especially if you are just learning values. You'll notice the top of her chest, head, arm, and fingers need more shading! to match the photo.
Green: This gives me alot of trouble too; slight tilts in the face... only practice will fix that.

Oh and don't ever omit things from a drawing if you are not confident enough to depict them. drawing that candle will help you alot and take it from me, learning metallic object properties gonna help alot! ;)

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