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Postby MoreNonsense » Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:04 pm

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Subject title: Polish this turd?

I think I have a bit of a problem with color. Or maybe changing texture? If you have any thought about it or maybe even advice I would be grateful if you told me!

If you think about anything else than color: highly appreciated if told! I just... felt like making that clear.

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Postby MoreNonsense » Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:17 am

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Also , since I somehow managed to submit this without writing everything I meant to, I have to add that these are not my character designs. They're from Dragon Age II and great, however.
This fan fic pic is meant to be a paralell universe sort of thing. A bit different protagonist but in the same situation. Only one noticing their other self through the 'veil'.
So enjoy and sorry for this inconvenience. All kinds of critique most welcome on this!


Postby Zoju » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:48 am

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There are a lot of problems with this, and I think most of the problems come down to a messy composition.

Try making your vision blurry, or put some strong blur on the image and try to make out the individual forms. It's not easy. The characters are overlapping each other in all the wrong ways, and since there is no real play on the values to lead the eyes of the viewer, they kind of mix together. It's hard to read.
Put the picture in grayscale, I'll use the dwarf as an example. It's good where the values differ - his head and his (from our POV) left side good, because the darker shapes are easy to see in front of the light background, but look at his shoulders and his entire right side. They overlap with shapes of not only similar values, but similar colors, the brown hand of the woman and the dark armor of the elf, so they kind of mix together, and it makes the shapes hard to make out. The same problem with the center guy and the woman, the same dark clothes with nothing to set them apart at first glance.

This is as much a composition problem as it is a coloring problem, because you put too much in too little space. There are five (six?) characters in this picture, and they are filling up the entire canvas. You didn't even have space for a background, save for a little bit of sky and a tree in the upper left corner, because that was the only space. Not only that, but it's so filled up there is practically no background to put the scene in perspective and even the top of the center guy's head is cut off the picture for no reason.
Too many characters in too little space is the same reason your characters are overlapping each other when they really shouldn't have to.

The other coloring problem once again comes back to values.
Even your darkest color, the most shadowy part of the darkest armor the guy has on, is a gray that's pretty light, and even the highlights on the elf's white hair on a bright sunny day are pretty gray. So, in short, the darks aren't dark enough, and the lights aren't light enough. See the image in grayscale, put some real whites on the highlights, the white hair, the shining on the metal, and put real dark shadows on the dark armor's dark, shadowy creases. The picture will be easier to read.
There is a similar problem with the color values, they are kinda low, giving us a pastel look. It's a look that you can go for, but in this case, it just helps everything mixing together.

There are some other problems you can work on, such as the foreshortening on the arm, minor anatomy problems, and the magic particles looking too strong (and once again making the shapes they are covering very hard to read) but I think the biggest problems are with the composition and the low value differences.

I hope I helped.


Postby MoreNonsense » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:59 pm

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Yes this helps a lot! I'll get on it and see how I do. Thank you!!!

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