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Postby NilRecurring » Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:21 am

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Subject title: Time Share - (can be used for video critique)

Been subbed to Sycra for ages, really appreciate all the videos :)

Bit of background (not sure how relevant it is): I'm not an art student, I actually work in the software industry, but honestly wish I studied art, or something.. interesting instead. Therefore I do not have any concept of colour or any fundamentals, I just do stuff that I think looks good, and aside from that I try to use references for a lot of things.

Okay so, this painting has had roughly 3-4 hours of work in it so far, and I'd say it's about 60% complete.

One thing I do notice about my work is that my colour and or value range is pretty limited.

What I'm really looking for here is anything I can improve on (and I kind of know what some of those are) more importantly, how.

I'm really looking for how I can make this the best it can be, which is why I'm wanting a sort of, WIP critique.

Thanks in advance.

Also, has anyone transitioned from a Wacom Bamboo to an Intuos? It looks like I'd benefit from it, but I'm not entirely sure tbh


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