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Postby ChristianFS1 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:04 am

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Subject title: Critique please, but keep in mind...

hi Sycra !

i've seen your videos for a while, and i really like your work and everything. so here is my submission towards critique ! the thing is, i love drawing,
but i spend a lot more time playing guitar and submerging myself into music theory etc, so i figured i'd draw one of my heroes !
i know you don't like zig-zag lines as shadows. i don't either, but the thing is i'm a lazy bastard, and it's also a stylistic choice, to make a gritty/dirty impression :lol: ! and i messed up the hat, i know :oops: ;) .
i'd love to have this one featured in a critique video, although i'm not sure if i'm worthy ! :D

i attached the source image below :)

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Postby SeaQuenchal » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:21 am

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Hi Christian, welcome to the forums. To post your work, your best bet is to have the file show directly in your post rather than uploading a zip file or something. To do this, go to the "Upload attachment" tab just right of "Options." Now next to "Filename:" you click browse and select the file from your computer and select "Add the file." This gives you the option to put your uploaded file into the text of your post by selecting the area of your post you wish it to appear and then selecting "Place inline." Now you'll see the name of your file in between brackets that say attachment, and you know you've done it right. Check by selecting "Preview" to make sure your post looks like you've intended it and there ya go!
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