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Subject title: YouTube Video Critiques - NEW RULES

If you post a picture in the critique section, you are consenting that you don't mind me using it for a video critique. If you don't wish for it to be used for a YouTube video critique, just write something like, "Don't use this for a video critique." Before I had it that you had to give permission to use it, but I think because so many people seem to want a video critique, that it's better if people rather let me know if they DO NOT want a video critique.

Here's a list of the video critiques and when they were done.

Jan/5/2012 - Critique of bobmeatbag:
Jan/12/2012 - Critique of Menokokoro:
Jan/19/2012 - Critique of HxCEdgy:
Jan/26/2012 - Critique of datadata33:
Feb/01/2012 - Critique of ffejeromdiks:
Feb/09/2012 - Critique of TXF:
Feb/22/2012 - Critique of oldguyrich:
May/16/2012 - Critique of Jason Coates:
Oct/03/2012 - Critique of Scissel:
Mar/20/2013 - Critique of kieran:
Apr/03/2013 - Critique of Tsatalas:
Apr/10/2013 - Critique of cicakkia:
Jun/07/2013 - Critique of Hayaku_manabi_jin:
Sept/04/2013 - Critique of ohtooeasy:
Oct/02/2013 - Critique of Dinhosaur:
Nov/14/2013 - Critique of Kuronuma:
Jan/22/2014 - Critique of Kendraal:
Feb/19/2014 - Critique of LooseBullets:
Mar/06/2014 - Critique of Tophatcrusader:
Apr/09/2014 - Critique of ShapeShifter:
Jun/25/2014 - Critique of Edvan:
Dec/17/2014 - Critique of Jesturr:
Dec/31/2014 - Critique of MikaMurder:
Jan/25/2015 - Critique of Gudpal:
Jul/01/2015 - Critique of geryes:
Sept/09/2015 - Critique of Lefvaid:
Dec/02/2015 - Critique of Erekem:

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