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Postby toebab » Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:19 pm

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Subject title: a card 50 year old couple, anny tips?

Just made this for a couple that both went 50 this year.
They are giving a party so i made this :)
Critics and tips are welcome :D
50, 50 1000p.jpg
the card :)


Postby marvel57 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:08 pm

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What's the text what's the joke?


Postby Pascarigudum » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:38 am

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I'm sure they'll like it!

but maybe you could try changing the background color. Try something lighter, the dark green is not very jolly! :D

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Postby toebab » Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:01 am

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thx, you were right i made the backround something lighter its looks better now :D
50, 50lichter.jpg


Postby Otakatt » Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:21 am

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The bright green with that red makes me think of Christmas. The green seems a little too saturated, and the couple looks somewhat flat. I can tell shading went into skin and hair, but I don't see much going on with the clothing. Having them shaded more would make them pop out a bit I think. :)

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