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Postby perkexpert » Thu May 09, 2013 8:53 am

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Subject title: Mike's New critique

And Mike, as a general tip: Stay with one theme longer and really try to understand what you did well and what you didn't and then ...make it better, otherwise you will be doodeling a lot and your progress will be slow. It's like play a few notes on your instrument and then was that? And then some other notes from the sheet and again asking "did i do well?" this way its unlikely you will ever play a solid piece. You need to work through note by note, passage by passage, then combine the things, get it "into your fingers". In this thread alone you did some illustration, some karate guy, a landscape thingie and some tiles. Everything has lots of things to be improved on. Stay with a piece...refine it, really adress the problems, begin with the thing you think you did the worst job on, for example the karate guy: You know your shading is off....okay, thats the first step, the second would be to get reference of karate gis, and then...paint them...if you maybe painted three versions, put the reference away and see what you can do without...same goes with the face of the guy...etc conclude: I miss the "work on my problems" part here a bit...that's of course just my personal thinking...anyhow...keep it up and dig deep!
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Postby sgtmikey101 » Fri May 10, 2013 3:44 am

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Thanks for all the good content!! I really like your sprite work. The person I'm working on with the game, only wants one tile otherwise i'd vary. Plus he wants it to be 16 bit which has its limitations but its nice to see where I could push it. Its interesting how developers back in the day could fit so much into a tiny area and create optical illusions for the eye. I think i might try working more with sprites in the future since my friend can't draw or atleast he tells himself that. Ill revisit some of my past works and rework them some more until i feel confident. I think i've been in the school mindset where you work on a different project every day for an hour or two and then the next day do something new. CURSE YOU EDUCATION! Ill start by breaking that habbit and work with one thing at a time, lets hope i don't get too bored working with one thing. Oh well if it has to be done it has to. gotta make those baby steps. Thanks again


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