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Postby Quasar » Fri May 04, 2018 5:50 pm

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Subject title: Portrait of a Dungeons and Dragons character

I drew this of a character of mine for a D&D campaign. She is a tiefling (for those who aren't familiar, they are a demonic species that can range in colour and have horns). As far as an archetype goes, I was going for a naive thief character.
I don't usually do that well on the human form, so I was hoping for some pointers for anatomy as well as shading. I tried to go for a nose once-broken look if it doesn't come out in the drawing. I was also concerned about the palette because she seems a bit washed out, I wanted to use a dusty blue for the skin and I drew the hair colour from the Oleander flower (of which she was named). I also worry that the design is a bit boring, I added some jewelry to try and help to add interest to the drawing, but I don't know if it helped much.
Any pointers are very welcome! (1).jpg


Postby KeaneFox » Sun May 06, 2018 12:05 am

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Really love that design. From the first look, it might look flat-ish. Part of it might be the values and soft shading, part of it how you structured the face. There are design decisions that I don't know if they are part of the design or mistakes. Like the ear is way hight.
The only way to know that the nose is sposed to look like that is by you telling me that she has a broken nose.
With this type of character design, you have to make it clear that it sposed to look like that. One way is by exaggerating the thing to make it clear that its part of the design.

The part the horn meets the forehead and the way the horns go around her head and end on her cheeks.
I don't know how that works or look in 3D space.
I tried drawing the horns from the side, it was hard to draw without changing the design
tiefling Sketch4 copy.jpg

tiefling Sketch6 copy.jpg

َQuick fix might be to chose a light direction then push the values a bit.
tiefling Sketch copy.jpg


Postby Quasar » Sun May 06, 2018 12:17 am

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Oh! Thank you for the advice.
I see what you mean by the shading not being strong enough, the paint over you provided makes it very clear! I also get why the horn design and nose looked off, your example of making the horns go outward at a sharper angle before curving inward towards the face again makes a lot of sense.
I will definitely keep this advice in mind in the future, I'll probably redraw the character soon!
Thank you for taking the time to explain and draw where I went wrong :D

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