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Postby elnzhng » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:26 am

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Subject title: Is there anything that could be better?

I finished this last night and this has been the first digital piece that I've done in a while. Is there anything that could be improved on? Also, I don't know if the lighting looks good. Thanks for looking!



Postby DarkLored123 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:07 am

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For a first digital painting it is pretty good, although I do have some pointers to mention.


The main thing that I noticed is that your form, perspective, and proportions are weak in this piece. From what I could tell from your image it was probably your intention to have the character turn her head towards the viewer, however the body is still in the same angle it was before but it is hard to tell because that area is flattened due to lack of form. I recommend using basic forms as construction guidelines before moving on to details. The absence of form also could be the cause for the head being way too large compared to the rest of the body, doing some observation can help you get over it.

Also you might want to use reference when drawing the character, it will help you stay consistent with the details of the character.


Postby erednasyl » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:22 pm

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Hi, i'll not talk much because english isn't my native language and it's my first critique here~~ I'll do my beeeest~~

First of all, all i can say is that the contrast of the colors is very low, this can be a problem.
What i want to say with that? Well:
Spoiler: show
Image ---> Image

I guess that, looking at the grayscale ver., you might think that the difference between light and shadow is very low, and this way of thinking is the right one!
I tried to correct it here: (I confess that i'm also afraid to add so much contrast to an drawing o(╥﹏╥)o )
Spoiler: show
Image ---> Image

And about anatomy, here's two tips for your next drawing!:
1º Shoulders aren't so rounded like you did on your drawing, you can pick references and practice this!
2º I'm really into drawing faces, so i think that i can be more especific this time:
Parting from my notes on the image, you can do many elements of the face using the center line like an guide:
Conecting with the neck...

And finiiiish~~

Wow, i almost made an tutorial :oops: , sorry for that, i'm not very good to express myself only with words! I hope that i helped you!
I post my art here:

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