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Postby ShyVibrance » Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:51 am

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Subject title: Need help with eyes + hairline

I'm trying to build up a small portfolio before summer starts, so I wanted to perfect this piece I started on before then.
I'm having some serious difficulties with the eyes and hairline- I tried hard to reference it but I've redone both about 7 times and I'm completely stuck. Does anyone have any techniques on how to fix this? Critiques on other parts of the drawing are welcome as well.
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Postby Audiazif » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:54 pm

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For the eye you have the basic shape more or less correct. It is a triangle with a curvy bit. The issue could be the shape and placement of the iris and pupil but they are dependent on the angle of the head. If it is closer to a true profile view the iris is is going to be more of an ellipse and if you want to get more detailed it would be like a shallow dome on the edge of a ball. And the pupil will be an even flatter ellipse closer to the inside edge of the iris (hopefully that makes sense, if not here is a close up of an eye in profile to use as a visual). The way the iris and pupil are now is more like a profile turning into a slight 3/4 view, where the far eye is partially shown. Basically you have the iris and pupil of one angle of the head on the shape for an eye of another.

I think the problem with the hair line could actually be stemming for the placement of the ear. It needs to move a little bit to the left. The gap between the features and the ear is too big. I usually measure to get the placement of the ear. From the tip of the nose to where the ear is placed is about the same distance as from the bottom of the chin to about the brow (this can vary form person to person and depends on the view of the head, so measure accordingly if things look off). If the ear is not placed correctly it will throw things off like the hair line.
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