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Postby Crichquol » Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:56 am

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Subject title: Learning Gravity Falls. Pls Critiq.

RAHHHHHH! I keep rewriting this description. Just, take it as it is q_q
I drew myself in the Gravity Falls style (it's a cool TV show with clips on youtube), and I wanna know if it could pass on the show. I kept the pose front-facing and standing still because I wanna nail down the look before I have fun drawing active scenes. It's also why the piece is a dirty line art. Please tell me what you like and how to improve the piece. ^_^
PS: I drew a quick caricature of my face to help translate myself between reality and cartoon. Is this a good habit as a middle man for converting real people into unique styles?
SYCRAFORUM gravity falls self portrait sketch.jpg


Postby Fantelle » Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:48 pm

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    Looks quite good !! Studying styles is great practice. The major problem would be stiffness, flatness, and those hands. Take another look at how gravity falls tackles hands, they're much more simplified. As for stiffness/flatness, try to think in form instead of lines. This video by Sycra may help. Also look at the limbs again, gravity falls has more of a 'spaghetti-limb' look than stick-limbs. Do another one of these and see how you go ! :)

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